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  • Apple's website hints 'OS X' to be rebranded as 'MacOS'

    Remember when Apple came out with Mac OS X, how quick Microsoft was to call its next OS: "XP"? 
    They were afraid to look old fashioned without an X in the Windows version name.

    I just wonder how they will react now when Apple renames OSX to macOS.
    pcOS? surfaceOS?win, not to mention the 10 variants (Home, Pro, Enterprise, ...), and the umpteen server versions.
    Luckily, they still have the parallel NT x.x designations to fall back to, which have indicated all along that many major windows versions were only point updates.

    At least they are in sync with the OSX version numbering.
    Will Apple make them skip another version number?

    The question remains: will it be troublesome for Microsoft to select a meaningful copycat Windows name?
  • Comparing the Microsoft Edge browser for Mac vs. Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, and Mozi...

    So now Microsoft and Google are colluding in further moves to kill WebKit.
    Google already moved away from WebKit a while ago, with Chrome quietly dominating browser market share, using its search engine and Google login to trick people into setting Chrome as the default browser.
    Google does also understand and has been applying "embrace, extend and extinguish" tactics more fully than Microsoft could ever imagine.
    Too bad Firefox hasn't reached that status, being the logical independent open source alternative of choice. IMHO they have made major unexplainable incompatibility choices and bugs in their product. The fact that Chromium constantly try to counteract other browsers by introducing covert and undocumented incompatibilities of its own, doesn't help either and is very reminiscent of another tactic used earlier by Microsoft for dominating the business computing world.
  • Apple considering original TV shows to boost 'cable-like' streaming coming in Sept. - report

    $30/mo for a "skinny bundle" won't be competitive in Europe. Maybe $15. One can get a skinny satellite bundle for €10/mo.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says future products will be 'in every part of your life that we can'

    Why the heck are DECT phones still in the stone age? Shouldn't they sync with Apple's ecosystem and integrate in all possible ways?
    I know, most people don't need landlines any longer, but it will be some time till these have disappeared, especially in business settings.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says future products will be 'in every part of your life that we can'

    Concerning CarPlay: I am really upset that car brands charge additionally for CarPlay-capable electronics in their new cars, if they carry it at all (notwithstanding the extensive list of automakers which claim they have joined CarPlay). And Apple should be upset as well.
    After all they have given the carmakers a proper standard, instead of leaving the car manufacturers creating a cacophony of system specs.
     (Similarly, Google should be upset as well, for similar reasons. Still 2 standards is better than every car maker inventing its own.)

    Interestingly, it is Samsung who makes the GPS systems that support Apple's CarPlay and Android's whatever.