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  • Apple Pay activated by last major Australian holdout

    Talking about holdouts, in Belgium, only one major bank (Fortis), and a few small internet outfits, are NOT holdouts.
    There is an abundance of individual bank apps for payments, as wel as a few dedicated apps that are pushed by the major debet card companies (payconiq, bancontact), but no general acceptance of Apple Pay whatsoever.

    Apple is very slow on the draw for several of its technologies:
    - Apple Pay (worldwide rollout)
    - FaceTime (SJ: we will open it up for others, so it becomes a standard)
    - HomeKit
    - Apple TV,
    even now Apple can't count on repeat performances of late entries in the market like when the iPod blew away the MP3-player scene.
    A good thing that the appStore and Music are getting more worldwide exposure now.

    About the appStore:
      for international use, the appStore review system is still fatally flawed, because users can only see the user reviews from the LOCAL APPSTORE. How weird is this?

    In smaller appStores, (EVEN OF SMALL ENGLISH-LANGUAGE COUNTRIES), users won't be able to access statistically relevant reviews that they can easily read and understand.

    All it takes is a user preference for the where one can select the appStores/languages.

    I for one am able to read Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish reviews. The most important community is the English language one.

    After all, most apps are country and language-agnostic: Unless they are developed for local use, they remain relevant for a very large community, that we are now missing completely.
  • Apple will enforce app notarization for macOS Catalina in February

    My biggest concern is: what does this all mean for in-house developed apps?
    Our company's operation depends on in-house software.
  • Comparing the Microsoft Edge browser for Mac vs. Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, and Mozi...

    So now Microsoft and Google are colluding in further moves to kill WebKit.
    Google already moved away from WebKit a while ago, with Chrome quietly dominating browser market share, using its search engine and Google login to trick people into setting Chrome as the default browser.
    Google does also understand and has been applying "embrace, extend and extinguish" tactics more fully than Microsoft could ever imagine.
    Too bad Firefox hasn't reached that status, being the logical independent open source alternative of choice. IMHO they have made major unexplainable incompatibility choices and bugs in their product. The fact that Chromium constantly try to counteract other browsers by introducing covert and undocumented incompatibilities of its own, doesn't help either and is very reminiscent of another tactic used earlier by Microsoft for dominating the business computing world.
  • Apple's removal of the HomeKit doorbell category is no cause for alarm

    hamishb said:
    I believe Ring is now owned by Amazon, and HomeKit support has been pulled as a consequence. 
    That's not what Ring is saying, even today.
    I bet, when HomeKit gets included, it won't be mentioned on the store. They only seem to religiously mention Alexa support.
  • Apple's services business continues monster growth, revenues up 31 percent in record-break...

    Now is a good time for Apple to drastically drop the Mac prices. After all the Mac has become an almost negligible part of Apple’s business, yet it plays a key role for developers. In particular, increased sales of Macbooks (especially to the STEM K12 segment, which will need "trucks" in the future*) would literally put other pc makers in a tight financial spot.
    To save face, Apple could make a few changes to "account" for the price drop, such as using an ARM processor. (And add at least one USB-C port).

    (*) alternatevily, Apple could make the iPad a serious development platform, which it isn’t right now. Kids (and others) should be able to develop stand-alone apps on the iPad. Sadly, Swift Playgrounds doesn’t offer that possibility (yet?). A decent enhancement of the "Files" system, allowing the organisation of dissimilar files and references (aliases don’t work for now) into projects is long overdue.