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  • Developers rail against Apple App Store policy in wake of House antitrust hearing

    Boo hoo 

    I work a day job as an iOS SW engineer but I also do side work for others as well as an app of my own (currently not available as it needs to be updated) and I like the App Store as it does allow me to compete against the big moneyed interests.  

    It is not perfect and Apple makes mistakes but overall it has opened up whole markets I couldn’t reach by myself.  

    I grew up in the Apple ][ era and remember small developers trying to hock their games in plastic baggies with photocopied inserts and the backs of magazines.  And the later Computer City era where shelf space was only for the big guys.   What Apple offers now is heaven in comparison.  
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  • Swype add-on keyboard discontinued, pulled from iOS App Store

    There are lots of third party keyboards available.  Swype was not the only one.  And not even the only swipe style keyboard.   For example, I use SwiftKey on a regular basis.   It is also a swipe style keyboard.

    Just because Nuance decided that this was not a business for them does not mean all non Apple keyboards have failed.
  • Zuckerberg told Facebook execs to stop using iPhone after Tim Cook privacy comments

    Zuckerberg is a petty little tyrant.   
  • OpenCore Computer attempts sale of Hackintosh systems

    This is a scam.  This is why they demand payment in bitcoin.  So you can’t get your money back when they don’t ship.  This is why they don’t care about Apple’s lawyers nor the OpenCore name use concerns etc.  

    This is all my speculation of course.  
  • Apple demands Telegram remove posts related to Belarus protests, controversy ensues

    Sorry bit this is not any of Apple's business.  
  • Brazilian Supreme Court to decide whether Apple can use 'iPhone' brand name

    I don't know how Brazil trademark law works, but in the US you just can't file for anything you want as a trademark.  You have to show it actually be used in trade as I understand it.  Ie, when you first release the product you put the little "tm" next to it and apply for the trademark showing your usage of it with the little "tm" to prove it is actually being used. When it is approved you can change it to the (r) -- r in the circle registered trademark symbol.

    If this company applied in 2000, was approved in 2008, but did not actually  use it in trade until 2012, if the Brazil law is at all similar to the US law, then this company may not be able to enforce it since they were not actually showing a "trade mark" -- a mark used in trade.


  • Early benchmarks prove M1 iPad Pros are 50% faster than previous generation

    hmlongco said:
    The iPad is amazing hardware... that's hobbled by requiring iPadOS for all apps, even when connected to a keyboard and trackpad.
    Sounds like you want a Mac.  Just buy a Mac instead.  
  • Epic refutes Apple's claim 'Fortnite' lawsuit was marketing exercise

    Dear Apple Insider:

    The headline claims that Epic has refuted Apple's claims, but the article gave no evidence of that. Epic did file counter claims but they are just that, counter claims.  Those counter claims have not been proven to be true / factual, which is necessary for an actual refutation to have taken place. Please refer to the definition of "refute": 1. to prove to be false or erroneous.  2.  To prove (a person) to be in error.  (   In both cases thir needs to be proof, not just claims.  
  • Internet Explorer 5 developer describes frustrations of working with Steve Jobs

    I had a booth at Macworld Tokyo in Feb 2000.  Apple was still doing their OS X roadshow and the atmosphere at the show was very electric.  I don’t remember much about IE on OS X in the early days except it was what we used and it sort of “matched” the look that OS X was coming out with.  Not in an Apple-native way but in a 3rd party best effort way, which back then was appreciated and a good effort.  OS X was new and exciting — especially for those of us who had been using OpenStep and the Rhapsody. The Mac under OS X was not yet the refined slick product it later became as people got OS X experience under their belts.  The Omni Group had the best set of apps (in terms of look and feel) as they had come from OpenStep and were made with the API of the future — Cocoa.    Mac IE was made with Carbon and was the attempt at using the modern UI on the older Mac Toolbox API. 
  • Apple discontinues full-size HomePod, to focus on HomePod mini

    darkvader said:
    Hi Homepod, this is iPod Hi-Fi!  Welcome to the discontinued overpriced garbage club!

    It was a stupid product when it was new, it never improved, the price never dropped to anything even remotely close to reasonable, Apple discontinued it. 

    Why would anybody be surprised?  It was a failure from minute 1.
    Lol.  Troll.   Seeing as it lasted a most 4 years I don’t think that constitutes a failed product.  

    It is awesome and I just went and bought a second to go with my first, which is a great device.  I also have a single HomePod mini which is ok but has nowhere near the sound quality.  

    Hopefully they come out with a HP 2