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  • One Apple GPU, one giant leap in graphics for iPhone 8

    lwio said:
    appex said:
    Apple should use standards in the market. Not only ports and connectors, but also unsoldered microprocessors, RAM, SSD, GPU, etc. Otherwise may work in the short term, but not in the long one. Remember the PowerPC fiasco.
    Agreed for the pro market but the the consumer market rarely upgrades anything. An upgradable  Mac Pro and MacBook Pro is ideal.
    But that is not because upgrades are so difficult. It is that way because people have been told for 2 decades how dangerous and difficult these upgrades are.
    Now Apple (and the other companies are slowly following suit) use this "knowledge" to tie you further in by soldering und glueing everything in thus prohibiting you from doing any upgrades.
    You can't even repair these computers because of this. Now you have to buy a $300 extended warranty from Apple to replace a $50 part because you are locked out from your own device.

    Is anybody calculating this behavior in the carbon footprint of Apple - forcing to trash a viable product that could be in good use for another 3 years by an upgrade and forcing you to buy a complete new one with all the emissions tied to it for production? You can copy paste that to the other companies and possibly they are worse, but I would expect better from Apple. Especially for the desktops there are no technical reasons, its just for the money.
  • EU ruling over $14 billion Apple tax bill could be overturned, suggests Irish tax advisor

    ... He is also confident that the Commission's decision to demand repayment would be overturned if it was brought in front of the European Court of Justice, providing the ruling isn't politicized.
    Is he already preparing for some alternative facts if the ruling doesn't get overturned?
  • Apple debuts affordable 13" MacBook Pro model, axes 11" MacBook Air

    To call this marginally souped up MacBookAir an affordable MacBookPro is hard to swallow.
    That's a price hike of 50% to the MacBookAir it replaces.
    That doesn't bode well for my planned replacement of my aging MacMini. If Apple does this to the products it seemed to like, what are they going to do to those the seem to hate already?
  • Apple investigating iCloud Calendar spam solution

    I can't understand that Apple hasn't included a "Decline and don't answer" button from the start.
    The create a new calender and move the invitation solution works for me but that is far from Apple's "It just works".
  • US federal appeals court tosses $533M Smartflash victory against Apple

    Indeed the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit could simply have referred to the USPTO decision, but went a step further in suggesting that Gilstrap should have taken action.
    To my mind that is the really interesting tidbit in the story (besides this $500 million thingy  :#).
    Has a judge to be afraid of any consequences?
  • Alleged parts leaks suggests Apple could boost battery life, feature ceramic body with 'iPhone 7'

    AI2xxx said:
    Ceramic would be pretty interesting. It would also reduce the weight of the phone, like the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro.

    Note the weight is even lower than the iPhone 6S.

    Cost shouldn't be a problem given the fact this phone sells for $350 USD.
    Sorry to burst your bubble on this one, but aluminum has a desity of 2.7 and zirconia of about 6.
    So you would have to reduce the volume of the material by at least 1/2 to get the same weight and I don't believe better mechanical properties can support that.

  • Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro's 16GB RAM limitation

    daekwan said:

     ... when Intel introduces MacBook compatible Kaby Lake CPU's next year.  Because thats the RAM limitations of SkyLake are the only reason why Apple maxed out at 16GB.  ...
    Technically that ist not true. You can put more than 16GB of RAM in a SkyLake equipped computer, it just needs a different set up.
    It is not possible under the limitation that Apple set for the MPB - being thinner without losing to much battery life.
    Apple is distracting the views from the correct reasons Apple could not implement more than 16GB - "Thinness is King". A classic Function follows Form situation.
    I don't know who really needs 32GB but here Apple is forcing Form over Functionality (possibly a functionality very few people need).
    avon b7wiggin
  • Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro's 16GB RAM limitation

    dysamoria said:

    As for software not using more than 16GB RAM... There's definitely more software out there that's native 64-bit. But that's not the issue. 32-bit applications had an issue with >4GB RAM. We aren't talking about >4GB any more. We're talking about >16GB now.
    Well it is easier to argue the price hike because a "Pro" machine deserves a higher price tag.
    Looking at the MBP without the touch bar you get a slightly souped up MBA from last year with a price increase of 300-400$. So it has to be a "Pro" machine now.
    avon b7