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  • Benchmarked: Razer Blade Stealth versus 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys

    Seriously, Apples woes really started when 'thin became in', all that good engineering went out the door in the name of fashion.
  • Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with new features

    @fearless ;

    YES, YES and YES.
    Billions if not squillions in the bank and the way they treat their pro customers is like shite. I still feel anger that Aperture was DROPPED for what?? a pissy poor featured app called Photos. Gosh, I cannot count the number of pro photographers Apple managed to piss off in one fell swoop.  I mean, surely with all that hard earned dosh they couldn't have employed a few extra software engineers, if only to support it into the future. 
  • Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with new features

    rfrmac said:
    This is it?  This is a maintenance update with a new feature as far as FCPX is concerned.  Apple continues to disappoint when it comes to supporting its' own products.
    Oh come on disappoint? More like treat with utter disdain. I've watched politicians treat their voters with more respect...
  • Retroactive brings Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes back in macOS Catalina

    I have just resurrected Aperture and I am very happy. I am not a professional photographer, but I did like the interface and the quick access to adjustments...whereas in Photos, all that is so dumbed down.

  • Apple's new 16-Inch MacBook Pro: Everything you need to know

    linkman said:
    I think Apple are raping customers over their prices for RAM, which you can't do a User Install. I also believe it should give a 3 year warranty with all products. Failure rates must be high not to do this. Apple should start giving better deals, after all it can afford to do it. Give something back Apple. Your customers will be far happier and your competitors will cry and lose sales to Apple. A win, win for everyone.
    Do you realize that extending the warranty only adds to the cost of the product? Apple would estimate the cost of the additional warranty claims per unit and simply add that amount to the base price. Notice that most of the items for sale in the EU cost a good deal more in the US, and a decent part of that is the government required two year warranty. Not a win/win for everyone.
    Value Added Tax at an average of 20% is the prime reason we pay more than the USA. Knock off VAT and the price is very close to the $$ price.
  • Google surpasses Apple as world's most valuable company

    poksi said:
    People can spin it any way they want, but this is just not good news. The market currently has absolutely no confidence in Apple's ability to generate value from future growth opportunities. And, we can criticize or chuckle at Google all we want (I often get in on it too), but they have a narrative that the market is buying in droves. As it currently does with Facebook and Microsoft as well.

    Kudos to them.

    Apple truly can and must do better on conveying some sense of who or what it wants to be 2, 5, 10 years out. This is not rocket science. Every major company does it in some form or the other. That's a huge part of what CEOs are paid to do. It involves much more than talking about "industrial era taxes", "dollar versus yuan", etc.

    I realize a lot of people here do not own AAPL and therefore couldn't care less, but for those of us who have been very long-term shareholders of the company, this news hurts. There is simply no need for such underachievement. It's bewildering.

    (And, please spare me the vacuous stuff about "Wall Street casino" and such; those are simply sound bites).

    Have you perhaps at any point considered that there's nothing else to talk about apart from "dollar vs. yuan" and stuff? Numbers talk and services are still niche part of Apple's business without any clarity for the future growth. Cook can't really use Eddy Cue's stunts in this department to 'change the narrative' and let's be honest, Apple was lucky to hit the market with 3 new product categories within the same decade. It won't happen again in our lifetime. Now it is treated as any other hardware company with services, because market has matured and saturated in new categories where Apple pumped all its growth from.. On the other hand market believes Google is capable of rising the revenues despite this facts even in the future. This time I agree with them and I'm pretty much sure there won't be any Apple car or any other similar nonsense in the future. For any new product category you simply need another company, different mindset. This is as far as this one goes. I'm sorry about that, too. 
    I predict that spaceship they are building will become their last straw, their Waterloo....if SJ was still here he could make it work for Apple, but now it just looks like a big white elephant.
    Oh and I have been an Apple user since 1998, but since Apple went backwards on the Mac Mini upgrade, created a MacPro only the seriously rich can afford, busted up the Aperture party, went all stupid and thin on everything....I've lost my patience with Apple.
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