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  • Apple worried about constitutional changes in considering North Carolina campus

    Pretty sure the issue they’re concerned about is that the Republican controlled NC legislature is currently trying to push through two Amendments to limit the Democratic governor’s power. They’ve been up to similar morally dubious mischief ever since he was elected. Apple simply wants to signal that such instability is making them rethink their investments.
  • Five tips to get much more out of Apple Notes on iOS and macOS

    Re tip #2, you can add the shortcut as a home screen button if you use the Workflow app. From inside your workflow, just tap the gear and then the “add to home screen” link. In this case, tapping that newly created button on your home screen will auto-launch the Workflow app, then switch to Safari, and then finally the Notes app, so it feels a little clunky, but it gets the job done.
  • Ralph Nader once again assails Apple's stock buybacks

    So a total luddite, who doesn’t own a single Apple product, thinks himself uniquely qualified to instruct the most valuable tech company on earth where to spend its cash? What an arrogant putz. Get a life, Ralph!
  • Rumor: 'iPhone SE 2' to debut in September with TrueDepth camera

    Ugh. Why are there so many iPhone size queens out there?! Newsflash: A 6” screen is not an SE; it’s a completely different phone. The iPhone SE is by definition a compact form factor with ~4” screen. The small size at a cheaper price point is the market for the SE; it is the purpose it exists! Sorry but there is not going to be a 6” SE; that’s why the 8, 8 Plus, and X exist. These are the larger, higher demand, more profitable models. Why would Apple abandon their popular compact phone segment AND cannibalize their more profitable models by introducing some cheap, jumbo-sized SE?! Sorry but that’s just not gonna happen. 
  • Apple Maps team spotted doing on-foot sensor recon in San Francisco

    Just to give Apple Maps a little love here: I was recently in Budapest and was delighted to see Apple Maps had walking and transit directions there. They were excellent. I compared them to Google the entire time and Apple Maps was actually better! At one point I was in a park and Google told me to take a right down a path but in real life it led to the edge of a cliff. How embarrassing for them! Apple Maps had the more accurate route — the path was exact and true to real life, and directed me to a real place and not to a cliff edge. I think when Apple finishes all these latest updates they’re going to really give Google a run for their money.
  • Apple narrows iOS loyalty rate gap with Android in Q3, retention rates at all-time high

    claire1 said:
    This contradicts the report from yesterday or was it the day before?

    I think Google’s “loyalty” could be reread as, “cheap people are still cheap, some are now aware they use Android.”

    When you ask all but the geekiest of Android users why they don’t have an iPhone nine times out of ten they say iPhones are too expensive. And the timed they don’t it’s normally something stupid like, “my friend says it’s better” or “I had an iPhone and the screen broke.” (Typically their android phone is already broken.)

    I've literally heard this stupidity and couldn't believe how stupid these people were. They didn't know android copied Apple's glass design I guess....
    I feel like the broken screen argument eventually leads back to the “iPhones are too expensive” argument — they didn’t want to pay for the repair or replacement, so turned to a cheaper device with cheaper repair options. 
  • (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may be launching on Monday

    If they’re going to release Product Red iPhones then I sure hope they slip an updated SE into the mix. 🙏