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  • CBC Video claims Apple's repair policies are abusive, but 'proof' falls far short

    trifid said:
    Instead of taking the CBS video and supporting it for right to repair, and making Apple accountable for issues such as Error 53, and throttlegate, Appleinside tries to dismiss CBS story and side with Apple. Shameful.
    We aren't against Right to Repair as a whole, not are we unabashedly supporters of all of it, because there are massive security implications behind it. If you read the article, you'd know that it fully praises iFixit and Rossmann, and what they do. Most of the AI staff has been on that side of the counter.

    What we're wholeheartedly against is factually light low-quality hit-pieces -- which is precisely what the CBC article is.
    Mike, I get what you are saying ... it doesn't make economical sense for Apple to provide component level repair services at their stores. Hey, that's fine.
    Setting aside the security issues regarding repairs, yes, I agree those security related repairs must happen at Apple ... we trust them!

    Now, what about the rest? The broken screens?, the broken wires? Whatever. What about Apple sharing the manuals so that ... "if someone else is willing to put the time and effort to develop the skill and offer those services at a rate competitive with Apple's way of "quick swap" and someone is willing to wait to receive that service and perhaps pay less ... why is Apple actively fighting against that option?

    Apple is fighting to give consumers ONLY ONE option. Apple Service.

    If the product is out of warranty, why do I only have ONE OPTION to repair? Is that FAIR to the consumer?
    I have choices to fix my CAR. Why can't I have a choices on where to fix my Phone? Or my computer?

    Why are you against this Mike? TBH, your article looks like a "hit piece" on the CBC. Why Mike, why?

    I am sad.