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  • Early 2021 Apple Silicon iMac said to have 'A14T' processor

    “...and Apple is already designing a new "A15" series.
    What?!?!  Already designing the A15?!?!  I’m shocked!  Shocked, I tell you!!!

    I though they just woke up one morning in September every year and said to themselves, “ya know, I think I’ll design the next generation A-series processor over lunch today...”.  :p
  • Coalition for App Fairness unites developers to fight Apple's App Store fees and policies

    Even though I haven’t used it since Apple Music launched, I finally said “ya know, I should delete my Spotify account...”. 

    So I did.

    And the Tile that I’ve got...  yeah, definitely not upgrading to their Premium subscription...  when the built in battery dies, I’m done with them. 

    Getting more than a little tired of the crud from Spotify, Epic and Tile.  I get the “we need to stay profitable to stay in business and the 30% cuts into our margins” thing...  but these three companies are just coming across as scumbags.  There is so much to the App Store beyond just hosting that they pretend doesn’t exist that costs money to develop. There’s the software and hardware development costs, the developer tools (last I checked, Xcode didn’t just magically appear out of thin air...), the hosting, the advertising, the financial transactions...  their PR likes to pretend that these things don’t exist and that Apple is just taking 30% of pure profit for themselves....
  • EU says smarthome 'gatekeepers' like Apple may harm competition

    Isn’t this what the Matter initiative is supposed to help with?  Building a standard for interoperability to reduce the need for gatekeepers?
  • Ad review panel tells AT&T to stop using 'misleading' 5G Evolution claims

    F_Kent_D said:
    It’s either comply or be labeled as the only carrier actually misleading and/or completely lying to their customers.

    AT&T?  Never!  /s
  • 14-inch & 16-inch MacBook Pro rumored to get 1080p webcam

    sdw2001 said:
    About time, just as with the need for M1X MBP’s.  It’s been over a year since the M1 shipped and we still don’t have a 16” MBP.  
    The M1 chip based products didn’t start shipping until November 17th, so it hasn’t even been 8 months yet.  The actual M1 itself wasn’t even announced until November 10th, though the official transition was announced last summer at WWDC (June 22, 2020) and devs had access to the  A12Z based Mac Mini to begin their prep work for the M series chips.