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  • Official Apple images show new MacBook Pro with OLED 'Magic Toolbar,' Touch ID, new speaker design

    What a useless tool, i think apple is forgetting too much the pro user and especially that the path is more clear with yoga or surface, and that they have to merge the two OS. i don't really get it, for the first time in years i am thinking to switch to window. Too useless innovations but more than that not a very good innovations on performance, and if they put the amd graphic card inside... i will really buy window as my next laptop Dell is doing so good now. Why they want to be only phone maker? I know for the revenues, but it's stupid what they are doing, all the professionals i speak too are changing their mind on apple.. also it's so easy for them to produce the best compuetrs.. come on apple stop this nonsense like the mac pro how can you think to not upgrade the processor as for 3 years now? that is really crazy. And the imac how long do we have to wait to see a graphic card in the model 21.5 4k. And also why don't you make iphone and ipad pro a real computer running a real operative system with a finder.. you always ask yourself why tablets are selling less and less.. it is really all up to you bosses at apple .. stop concentrating only on numbers... we are tired of your greediness!!!!
    Here.  Do this.  Save your money and take a combo English/Grammar class.
  • Goldman Sachs cuts AAPL target, earnings forecasts on bleaker iPhone predictions

    This should read "Goldman Sachs wanted to get their clients in Apple at a cheaper price."
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  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    Samsung forever has Apple in their commercials.  Always comparing themselves to Apple.  This was inevitable.  They don't focus on themselves, they focus on the competition.  The commercial where everyone is gathered around a charging station at the airport with their iPhones immediately comes to mind.  There are countless others.  Lets see this flipped with everyone holding Notes around an airport power station.  Wouldn't end well for them.  Apple strictly focuses on Apple, making themselves better, so that commercial would never happen anyway.
  • Foxconn & Pegatron kick off hiring early to cope with Apple's more complex 'iPhone 7' - report

    bobschlob said:
    Not early enough.
    I mean, heck... Why is there still a 2-3 week wait for the SE?

    Is Apple still “ramping-up” production on their 9 month old A9 processor? No? How about on their 4 year old case? No? Maybe it’s the anodized beveled edge vs. the polished beveled edge that has thrown them for a loop?

    Please provide your expertise on expediting a 50 million unit manufacturing process.
  • Apple posts strong $45.4 billion in revenue on growing sales of 41 million iPhones

    This is terrible news. Further proof that Cook is a terrible CEO and Apple's ability to design, build, and sell products people value left with Jobs as the WSJ and Bloomberg articles are eager to remind us.

    Bloomberg and Forbes are the worst.  Consistently trashing Apple.  Big win for longs today and the future looks great.
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  • Apple iPhone supplier TSMC on track to ship 10nm chips in this quarter, 'expand rapidly'

    Help me understand this.  An average strand of DNA is approx 7nm across.  How can chips be built in this fashion?  Also doesn't quantum tunneling come in to play here?
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  • Apple says 'looking into' video of apparent iPhone 7 Plus meltdown

    Apple stock turns around after not having done much the past couple of years (besides recently) and a story likes this one comes out.  I don't have a tin foil hat but I do find it suspiciously coincidental.
  • Analysts raise Apple targets, see shares going as high as $156 after best-quarter ever

    NY1822 said:
    where is Collin Gillis and his $85 price target?
    Check the nearest high rise building to his location.  Look towards the roof.
  • Apple earns $46.9B in revenue on sales of 45.5M iPhones, edging market expectations

    Funny you always know which media outlets will sit on the "iPhone sales keep falling" and "4Q Rev Misses".  Those being Forbes and Bloomberg.  Those two outlets ALWAYS post non stop negative stuff about Apple.  It's fine.  Investors will see right past this and look to guidance, which looks good.  This will back on an uptrend by Thursday.
  • Apple's market cap soars past $800 billion as shares march higher on 'iPhone 8' hype

    stevenoz said:
    melgross said:
    This isn't just because of rumors of the iPhone 8. In fact, I believe that most of the share price on iPhone rumors is already built into the price, and has been in the mid 140s.

    what I'm reading is a deeper reading of Apple's sheet. Several things pop up.

    apple's enterprise business is growing strongly at a 40% rate. A number of large businesses are standardizing on Apple iPhones and iPads. Macs in the enterprise are growing strongly. The deal with IBM is paying off in software and services.

    the services business itself is growing strongly, at an 18% clip.

    sales of "other" is growing at a 31% clip. Within that, Apple Watch sales have doubled YoY.

    its been pointed out that iPhone sales were actually slightly higher than last year's quarter, not lower, when considering the drawdown in the channel, which was 1.2 million last quarter, compared to 450 thousand last year's quarter.

    sales in China have been moving back up, as Cook pointed out during the call, it's up from the last two quarter;s of last year. Mac sales in China did very well. 80% of all phones sold in China above $600 are iPhones. The Chinese want the newest products, so a cycle is expected when that happens later this year, and next year for all products.

    in addition Apple is still trading at a discount, average P/E in the industry is 22, Apple's is about 18. Moving to the average would bring Apple's stock to about $183. Adding the $30.40 in cash per share, after debt, would bring the stock to about $213.

    there's more.

    so there's plenty room for improvement.

     Why don't you capitalize sentences? Punctuation, grammar, style, and the rules of writing all affect one's effectiveness to the reader.
    With an informative post such as the original one was he could write in pig latin for all I care.  He's spot on.