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  • 'Apple Watch Series 6' expected to have better waterproofing, wireless connectivity

    PhillyJim said:
    I was so sure that we would have a round version of Apple Watch by now. Especially when I saw some of the complications rounded off and tilted in the corners. Wonder what happened.
    What happened is that a round design doesn't make sense, which is why Apple didn't adopt one to begin with. It would be stupid. Scrolling content and scrolling lists are both not feasible on a round watch face. The *only* reason to have a watch face be round is if you are being an idiot and hewing to old mechanical designs with hands rotating around a center point. The complications you mention in the corners would not be possible on a round face, either, since there wouldn't be extra space in the corners for them.
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  • Whistleblower casts doubt on Apple's claims that it doesn't silence employees

    Anyone else getting a bit weary of complaints that seem to be supported by Cher Scarlett and...basically nobody else and no other evidence?

    Also, asking someone to sign an NDA does not equate to "silencing" them. This should be blatantly obvious from the get-go, right? But in this case it's even more blindingly obvious: she refused to sign, and here she is complaining to her heart's content.

    So perhaps I am just dim or obtuse, but I'm having trouble seeing what the actual problem is, here. She wants to be an Apple critic, she apparently planned to be an Apple critic starting about fifty milliseconds after getting hired by Apple, and, lo and behold, here she is being an Apple critic, unhindered. Great. Have at.
  • Apple sacks iPhone X engineer after daughter posts hands-on video to YouTube

    Most people support Apple's decision, but they don't stand a chance when this engineer realizes he has to take it to court (because he may not work again, at least at the same level). The reason is that double-edged sword that Apple uniquely wields in controlling the technology, not to mention that facility. A reasonable person might ask how much it would have really cost Apple to ensure that phones could not film without first obtaining a code number or other authorization and what precautions were taken to assist employees with authorized visitors in complying with the security policies. The answer to these questions probably mean this girl will have her education paid for while she stars in her own cable show.
    Nope! Nope nope nope nope nope. It's impossible to do proper testing if you build in all kinds of fake conditional stuff about "code numbers" and "authorization". If you do that, you are no longer testing the hardware and software properly in the conditions that actual users will see—and that of course makes the testing useless. You're wrong on every single point, here. This engineer fucked up really badly, and his daughter fucked up really badly. I don't take any pleasure in the punishment, but it is just.
  • Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 4 models are not iOS compatible

    Super desirable watch and the $250 price is reasonable too. If this were an iWatch we would all be falling all over ourselves to hit the buy now button. The health features are way better than an Apple Watch too.
    When I want incisive, relevant commentary on Apple Watch, I always turn to someone who still hasn't figured out what the product is even called, after SIX YEARS. "iWatch"?
  • Apple launches new Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic CPU, redesigned Siri remote

    mobird said:
    I wonder how this "new color balance feature" actually works and is it literally changing the TV''s settings, can it be disabled, does it restore to original settings when exited? My Sony Bravia XBR55A9G was professionally calibrated and I don't want my iPhone mucking with anything.
    It was explicitly stated that it won't change your TV's settings and doesn't have to. Instead, it will just adjust the signal it's sending to the TV over HDMI.
  • Apple's 'iPhone 13' rumored to adopt slimmer TrueDepth notch, flush rear camera module

    Dang. Another notch? 

    If Samsung can banish it surely apple can. 
    Samsung hasn't banished it. Their "notch" is a hole-punch, instead, and at the cost of considerable functionality and quality that Apple doesn't want to give up.

    I prefer Apple's choices..
  • The metaverse is 'off limits' on Apple's VR headset, claims report

    starof80 said:
    If the rumors about this is true, Apple would be smart to reconsider about getting in the Metaverse. They will be left behind.
    Yeah. That's what's going to happen: the world's most visionary company is going to be "left behind" by the superior wisdom of the guy who built a company out of his teenage-incel fantasy.
  • New AirPods Pro coming at iPhone 14 Apple Event

    Why is the change from lightning to USB-C so slow after iPad Pro and MacBook (Pro)?!
    Mostly because there is absolutely no reason to push USB-C into products that don't need it. At all. And for which USB-C gives absolutely no advantages, and a lot of disadvantages.

    AirPods Pro is such a product. 
  • Apple Card issuer Goldman Sachs ranks first in credit card satisfaction survey

    The fact that people don't associate the card with GS, but rather with Apple, is probably like 99% of the reason for the satisfaction level being as high as it is.
    That's nonsense, and you're obviously not an Apple Card user. The high customer sat rating is because, duh, customers are satisfied. They're satisfied because the entire experience is so great. No fees of any kind, not even late fees, great service, a premium app to manage the card, the card itself is physically gorgeous, no constant spam emails or promotions. It's perfection. That's why the rating is high.
  • Google tracks 39 types of personal data, Apple tracks 12

    Paul_B said:
    Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tracks ALL of your data, because they built the infrastructure that every company uses.  Who really cares - Seriously
    First of all, this isn't true and reveals a lot of ignorance. Second, a lot of people care, and it's not really your job to speculate about who cares and who does not. This is a serious issue.