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  • Justice Department warns Oscar group against blocking streaming services like Apple TV+

    designr said:
    Truly a first world issue. The government stepping in over concern about an awards show for the entertainment industry. Wow.

    It's yet another excuse to inject the government's influence where it doesn't belong.

    I'm no lawyer by any means, but a lawyer acquaintance of mine who's represented quite a few companies in alleged Sherman violations, claims that the Sherman Anti-Trust act is worded such that the government can object to just about any business practice that it wants to.  And define as "business practice" many things that most people would scratch their heads at.
  • Apple's 'Mother Nature' sketch was a complete dud, and didn't belong in the iPhone 15 even...

    Agree with the title, and with much of the article.  It was not well written.  It could have been, but it was not.
  • Apple & EU slammed for dangerous child abuse imagery scanning plans

    The EU's plan goes further in that it also looks for organized crime and terrorist activity.
    I hate to be the one to say "I told you so", but I bloody well told you so.

    When the capability exists, overreaching governments will exploit it.
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  • Google pokes fun at Apple's Jony Ive design videos in new headphone jack ad

    OK, that was funny.  Silly, but well done. 🤣
  • UK newspapers tell Apple its 'web eraser' will put journalism at risk

    The News Media Association's letter reportedly said that "ad-blocking is a blunt instrument, which frustrates the ability of content creators to sustainably fund their work." 
    Oh no!


    Maybe if ad producers weren't such sneaky, greedy, Scheißköpfe, we wouldn't feel so compelled to erase their ads.

  • Apple's 'Crush' iPad Pro ad sparks intense backlash from creatives

    The only part that came across as at all "creepy" to me was the eyes bulging out of the yellow head, and that was still pretty funny.

    Not sure why someone would be upset at it.
  • Apple Hearing Study rings the alarm on tinnitus

    I've had 24/7 tinnitus since I was a kid.  I thought it was normal until I was in my 20s.  To me, it is normal, so I ignore it most of the time.
  • Hit-and-run driver busted by AirPod lost after cyclist crashed through window

    Xed said:
    What a PoS. What's interesting is that drivers who have hit a bicyclist almost never get in trouble for the accident unless there's gross negligence involved, or they already had something else outstanding, like a suspended license or a warrant out for their arrest.

    I'm mostly convinced that this is because many, if not most, cyclists either don't know the rules of the road to which they are subject, or just don't care, which often makes the accident the cyclist's fault, and not the driver's.  As a cyclist myself, this pisses me off greatly, as those types ruin it for everyone.

    Completely anecdotal, but I still have dash cam video of a group of cyclists running a stop sign in my neighborhood with several of them hitting a car on the "main" road, breaking his side windows and denting his car, and incidentally ruining their bikes.  That "main" road has no stop sign, so the car definitely had the right of way.  The lead rider of the group tried arguing with the cop that because they were in an organized group ride, they had the right of way, that they couldn't be expected to have 100+ riders all stop at every stop sign.

    I provided the dash cam video to the cop and the other driver, so the case was pretty solid against the bikers, and the driver of the car had all his damage paid for by the group that organized the ride.  At least they were smart enough to carry insurance.  I've since learned that the group's policy was, in fact, to observe all relevant traffic laws, and that the guy leading this ride was some kind of maverick who thought "bike = road god".
  • Apple bills Epic Games $73 million in legal costs

    Epic already doesn't make any money.  I wonder where they'll get it.

    Watch Unreal Engine licensing change to something more like Unity tried to do.
  • Activists rally at Apple Park for reinstatement of child safety features

    In 2021, Apple had planned to roll out a new feature capable of comparing iCloud photos to a known database of CSAM images.

    As I recall, one of the major bones of contention was that the system was going to scan photos destined for iClound, but not yet actually there, and was using resources on the user's phone itself, and not using iCloud resources, to do the actual scanning.  There were also, if I remember correctly, concerns about mistakes, as happened with some Google attempt to do the same thing flagging a file with a single character in it as problematic and locking an account.