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  • Justice Department warns Oscar group against blocking streaming services like Apple TV+

    designr said:
    Truly a first world issue. The government stepping in over concern about an awards show for the entertainment industry. Wow.

    It's yet another excuse to inject the government's influence where it doesn't belong.

    I'm no lawyer by any means, but a lawyer acquaintance of mine who's represented quite a few companies in alleged Sherman violations, claims that the Sherman Anti-Trust act is worded such that the government can object to just about any business practice that it wants to.  And define as "business practice" many things that most people would scratch their heads at.
  • Find My misfire leads to SWAT raid on grandmother

    Colorado no longer has qualified immunity, so she might actually get something.  Of course, the cops will never admit that they didn't do everything in their power to make sure they had the right address.
  • Apple & EU slammed for dangerous child abuse imagery scanning plans

    The EU's plan goes further in that it also looks for organized crime and terrorist activity.
    I hate to be the one to say "I told you so", but I bloody well told you so.

    When the capability exists, overreaching governments will exploit it.
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  • Google pokes fun at Apple's Jony Ive design videos in new headphone jack ad

    OK, that was funny.  Silly, but well done. 🤣
  • UK celebs call for tax on iPhones & Macs to help fund creative arts

    OR...the artists in question could convince people to buy their art outright, like most other art forms, e.g. games, movies, books.

    "People won't buy my artwork.  I want the government to make them buy it!"
  • BlackBerry sells mobile patents to patent troll for $600M

    It's not "troll" behavior if the patents are legitimate and are legitimately being infringed.  And the proper place to determine legitimacy is in the courts.  Not in a clickbait headline.
  • AirTag vulnerability turns tracker into Trojan horse, fix incoming

    chadbag said:
    The fact that Apple got back to him and asked for more time and he basically gave them the finger puts this guy in the d*ck category.  If Apple was totally ignoring him then maybe his protest disclosure would make sense.  But he just put a mark on his forehead that he is a d*ck and not to be worked with. 
    You saw the part where Apple responded five days after the 90 days had expired, did you not?

    You saw the part where he asked Apple for a few reasonable details and they told him to sod off, did you not?
  • Apple AR headset could cost consumers over $2,000

    Fred257 said:
    This will be a game changer ((literally)
    Assuming it will actually run games, I don't disagree.  In order to actually run games, one or more of these things will likely need to happen:
    • Apple will need to start caring about games other than those in the Arcade.
    • Game developers will need to port their games to this device.
    • Apple will need to make it compatible with existing VR platforms, e.g. Steam VR, Meta, Windows Mixed Reality, etc.
    For me personally, and I know Apple's priorities don't match, and that's fine, unless I can play Elite Dangerous, Skyrim VR, and the new VR games, and possible VR adaptations of those games, likely to be coming out in the next few years, it's going to be a non-starter for me.

    The other, and more likely IMO, possibility is that it because a must-have accessory for my work PC.  It's doubtful that my employer will invest in that particular possibility, unless it becomes obvious that it will be a cost savings.  It's even less likely that I would be allowed to connect such an accessory to my work machine.  Our security is so locked down that it took me three months to convince them to allow bluetooth connections other than the keyboard and mouse. 😕
  • Google pokes fun at Apple's Jony Ive design videos in new headphone jack ad

    mrd10 said:
    This was silly “funny”. But is anyone else TRULY over this headphone jack debate? My god, can we all get over the 3.5mm port? It’s old tech, it’s time to let it go. The number of people who actually need that port (musicians or designers, whatever) are far and few between. The most of the world does NOT “need” a headphone jack. I’m sick of hearing about it and I’m sick of this constant complaining from people it’s gone. For the few who need it, you have adapters. Now stop complaining because the majority of us don’t care. Bye. 
    Typical elitist commentary.  "I don't need that, so the WORLD doesn't need that, since the vast majority of people are normal, like me.  The rest of you peons can just do without.  If you were actually important, like me, Apple would be catering to you.  Besides, alternatives exist that cost more money, so where's the problem?" /s
  • Apple releases AirTag 'Tracker Detect' app for Android

    If I'm sitting in a restaurant and some jerk at the next tables disables the AirTag on my keyring, I'm gonna be really upset.

    Is there going to be a way to determine whether some idiot has disabled my AirTag without pulling out the Find My app?