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  • 'Fortnite' will return to the iPhone -- but only in the EU

    Yes and I will all those Apps on a 'dirty' old iPhone (for use only to generate costs to third party stores and nothing else) an make sure that Epic will have to pay their annual fees. (and I couldn't be bothered to even start their app ... just once per year make sure it get's downloaded)).
    If I could get hold of a EU iPhone, I'd download the phone and install the free games only.  Then immediately uninstall them.
  • Microsoft's gaming CEO doesn't think iOS is open enough for Xbox gaming

    "We will continue to work with regulators, and Apple and Google, to create a space for alternative storefronts. I'm a big fan of how Windows works, and you've got a Microsoft Store on Windows, you've got Steam, you've got the Epic Games Store, you've got GOG," he tells the interviewer.
    I like the way Windows works in this regard as well, but the existing Microsoft Store is an abomination that I previously thought only the gods could create.  I was obviously wrong about that.

    If this proposed Xbox store is in fact a possibility, please follow the excellent leads provided by Steam, GOG, and Epic.  As much as I dislike Epic as a company, their store friend is pretty decent.

  • AirPlay-compatible TVs rolling out to hotels starting 'later this spring'

    chasm said:
    I am one of those people who pack my Apple TV box and an HDMI cable when I’m going to be staying at a hotel. I already can’t stand regular cable TV programming at all (don’t have it at home), so when I want to watch TV, the Apple TV has spoiled me for watching what I want that’s stored on the device, along with my favourite streaming services.

    Really makes the boring conferences I occasionally have to go to much better, and I can only imagine how great a tip this is for parents with kids.
    I will also be carrying my Apple TV with me for quite a while yet. Even the hotels that have smart TVs where I can log into my services have interfaces that are in the main, and being generous, clunky.

    Sadly, wifi in many hotels is crap, but I have found a few places where simply transferring the ethernet cable from the TV box to my Apple TV works a treat.  Contemplating adding a router to my bag for those occasions.
  • EU backs down, won't force Apple to open iMessage to rivals

    "Strategic retreat" is all I can think of here.

    They'll be back with something even more onerous and intrusive shortly.
  • Apple buys domain suggesting generative AI additions may come to iWork

    If Apple has any clue about what AI should be, Siri wouldn't be so broken. Probably just another ploy by Tim Cook to slow down the falling stock prices.

    Your first sentence makes complete sense.  Your second sentence is complete bonkers.