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  • Tesla unveils new Semi with a 500 mile range, Roadster that can hit 250 miles per hour

    d_2 said:
    I truly weep for the generations to come that will have no idea what driving an automobile with a real, gasoline engine feels like... and somehow this is progress :/
    Right, it’s so sad they’ll never have to deal with oil changes, fluid leaks, generally spewing noxious gases into the air we breathe, transmission issues, radiators, going through brake pads, and all the other moving parts that keep dancing-bear internal combustion engine cars rolling. They do make that neat vroom vroom noise though, so I guess you have a point. *I own and love a Honda S2000, so this comment is only 95% snark.
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  • Editorial: Apple's next hardware play could be in game controllers

    CloudTalkin said:
    What the heck does that even mean?  Audio AR?  

    In my case "augmented reality" with AirPods= walking around or driving in an older car that lack CarPlay or even bluetooth and still hearing directions in my ear. Combined with the subtle haptic cues and graphics on my Watch, it makes for getting around pretty easy without having to stare at my iPhone. Super exciting AR use case? No. Useful? Yes.
  • High-end users on 'Why I'm buying the new Mac Pro'

    "yes Windows updates are garbage but  malware is more prevalent only because so many people use Windows, and the Windows interface hasn't been terrible/inconstant (this is subjective I know) since Windows 8."

    1. If you're a pro and can't be sure when you'll be without your main tool because Windows decided to take over for three hours, that seems pretty disqualifying to me.

    2. It doesn't matter why there are more viruses that are far easier to be infected with, it matters that there are.

    3. This....    Hot. Garbage.

  • Editorial: No Bill Gates, Windows was not iPhone's 'natural' nemesis

    “As the PC business grew into an increasingly valuable segment, IBM attempted to develop its own, more sophisticated OS and hardware platforms with PS/2 OS/2. It continued work with Microsoft to do this, but as soon as Microsoft felt it could do better on its own, Gates' Microsoft dumped IBM and launched its own plans for Windows.”
    You’re right that OS/2 was the sw platform, but PS/2 was the name of IBM’s hw platform intended to replace the easy to clone IBM PC with a proprietary new architecture.

    MSFT worked with IBM on OS/2 and then backed out to focus on Windows instead. But IBM launched PS/2 on its own, only to get undercut by the rest of the industry that kept shipping faster old PC clones. 

    PS/2 introduced the standard for mini-DIN keyboard and mouse connectors, which is why they were still called that up until USB. 

    In the fall of 1998 I was meeting some of the other residents of the dorm I was assigned to at R.I.T.  I was pretty pleased with my PowerMac 8500 that I had already done a few upgrades to, but one IT major was unimpressed and said something along the lines of “why are you gonna use a computer no one makes software for?” Then we went to his room and he was running OS/2 Warp. I had, and continue to have, a good chuckle at that one.
  • Editorial: Apple's next hardware play could be in game controllers

    as long as you're fine with it, I'm fine with it for you.  
    Indeed! I like to think I’ve a sound argument!
  • Editorial: No, the new 2019 Mac Pro isn't a fairy tale come true

    Rajka said:
    I'm sorry, but I cannot justify the iMac as a prosumer Mac. I want my Mac to be readily repairable, upgradable and expandable. You know, like they were under Steve Jobs. I don't mind paying a small premium for that as long as the build quality is there, but double retail? Uh, no.
    It was under Steve Jobs that the un-upgradeable, un-repairable, and un-expandable iMac was conceived.  It was the first consumer product released under his leadership when he returned to Apple in the late 90's.
    Not to mention the original Mac. El Jobso loved controlling the whole widget... which for most consumer products is right I’d say. Mac Pro is a different beast of course. 

    On an unrelated note, the Xserve lived on to a 2009 (not 2006) model that was only discontinued in January of 2011. We still have two in heavy use at my job.
  • Review: Kanex iAdapt is the best iPad Pro USB-C hub & better with iPadOS

    jdiamond said:
    So glad you wrote this article - glad to find out about this hub.  Certainly looks less "Hideous" to me than the other hubs out there.  You missed two important features of the hub, though:

    1) You can hook a hard drive up to the USB-A port and charge at the same time.  There is no penalty - it reads and writes files at the same speed, whether on the USB-C port or the USB-A port, both at 5 gigabits (USB 3.0 speeds).  And USB-C to USB-A cables are ubiquitous.

    2) It not only supports HDMI, but the USB-C port also supports Displayport 1.2 with HDCP!  (But only up to Full-HD resolution.) . But now you really can't charge at the same time. :)

    Pretty hep that the USB-c port routes DisplayPort signals through it, but I still can't find a hub that will power/charge a single port MacBook (or new iPad Pros now I suppose) AND support a USB-c portable display (with native DP, not "DisplayLink" lameness). Is my google-fu just weak? Or does such a product simply not exist yet?