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  • How to make HomeKit work for you automatically with scenes and automations

    The part about the automation rule applying to only one specific person (yourself) arriving is incorrect.

    My Home app is setup with two users (tap the little house icon in the upper left to get to the screen where you can invite other people to control your home, and note that each invited user has two toggle settings to allow them to control things when they are not present in your home (maybe a bad idea) and to allow them to edit your setup (almost definitely a bad idea), so configure these at your discretion when inviting people who don't live with you).

    When making a new rule, the When People Arrive options allow me to choose one or more users. If I select only one then the wording is "When ____ arrives", but if I select both users then the wording changes to "When Anyone Arrives". There is also a "When The First Person Arrives" option which triggers the rule only when no other users are already at home.

    There are further conditions which can be added to the trigger, such as only during the day or night or a specific range of time, and you can also change the location in question. You can have rules that trigger when arriving or leaving any specific location and not necessarily your home, for example I have a rule to change the thermostat when I depart work in the afternoon rather than when I get home, so that my HVAC has more of a head start on reaching the target temperature by the time I arrive.
  • Hands on: Dark Sky weather app for iOS brightens up with new at-a-glance view

    The only weather app worth paying for. If it says heavy rain starting in 5 minutes, it ain't wrong.

    I've noticed that Weather Channel's app has attempted to steal Dark Sky's thunder with rain notifications.
    I've also noticed that Weather Channel's app has utterly failed on that front. Most of the time there is no notification, but when there is, it's often wrong for my exact location.

    The Dark Sky app includes an Apple Watch app which also has a new look in 6.0. It now shows all info in a single vertical scrolling layout similar to the main screen of the phone app. As before, there is a large center component for the modular watch face which shows 3 lines of the most relevant weather info.
  • Apple puts free Swift curriculum on iBooks, plans courses at US schools

    smaffei said:
    And, frankly, do you want your apps written / debugged by a real software engineer or someone who learned via seminars and online courses?
    An online course in Swift programming is not a dead end that dooms the student to never become a "real software engineer". Instead it is the sort of thing that can inspire a student to continue in that direction. And that doesn't necessarily mean getting a degree in computer science or whatever else it is that you think is required to learn the right skills. Some of the people who shaped the computer industry into its current form did not learn how to do what they did from a formal education. The two Steves. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. All of them were college dropouts.
  • Adobe Lightroom updates with more export options and GPU acceleration

    foljs said:
    Adobe also made some changes to Lightroom Classic, a version used by some professional photographers.

    Not "
    a version used by some professional photographer".

    The original Lightroom, and the one that 99% of professional photographers still use, as opposed to the Cloud-based crap.
    Not just the professionals but also all the amateurs who know just enough about digital photography to understand the benefit of shooting raw and post-processing in Lightroom. If you shoot more than 10 photos at a time then you will hate the new dumbed-down, cloud-dependent Lightroom Lite.
  • Neil Young rails against 'Fisher-Price' MacBook Pro audio for music production

    The old fart can't even remember he won a Grammy for best rock song in 2011. Not sure if Neil Young is being purposely deceptive to single out the MacBook Pro or if he is truly clueless that most PC motherboards and especially laptops are even worse. A professional musician will know to use an external USB/firewire/thunderbolt audio interface with any computer, whether it be a Mac or a PC, to make the "consumer quality" of the onboard sound completely irrelevant.
  • Survey shows Americans unwilling to let Amazon Key delivery drivers enter their homes

    I'm not letting anyone into my house, but a hybrid of this concept with their delivery lockers would be fine with me: a secure locker on my property that only Amazon and I can open.
  • VLC comes to Apple TV with wide format support, 'Remote Playback' feature

    rezwits said:
    Apple doesn't care about legacy formats, and formats it's in competition with. So having a player that plays (mostly) everything is nice.

    Agreed. I made a decision to just give up the struggle and encode/transcode all of my stuff to conform to Apple-supported formats and be playable in iTunes / iOS / AppleTV, but I still think out of the box the new AppleTV should be more compatible and versatile than it is. I'm glad VLC has shown that an Apple TV app can do more, because the Plex app for Apple TV utterly failed to do so, instead it relies on the Plex server (your Mac or PC) to transcode everything to the Apple spec on demand, which is in no way optimal.