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  • Apple snubs Nokia's Withings on new HomeKit accessories webpage

    Worth mentioning in all this is that Withings isn't very good to their customers. I have their body scale which came with a great iPad app that they since discontinued in a favor of their shitty all things to everyone iPhone only HealthMate app. And they still sell a Smart Kid Scale which requires a shitty old iOS 6 app to set up. That app warns under iOS 10.3 and likely won't work on iOS 11 leaving users unable to access their brand new 2017 scale. This isn't the Apple experience at all.
  • Apple releases first iOS 10.3 with 'Find my AirPods,' tvOS 10.2, macOS 10.12.4 betas for d...

    Eric_WVGG said:

    That change did require an erase and reformat. I have no idea how the installer is supposed to switch file systems on a live device, this is puzzling.

    It was stated in the WWDC presentation that a goal of APFS was to be able to upgrade existing drives to it without erasing by writing the APFS metadata using the existing file system and then switching to APFS with a reboot. Apple acknowledged at WWDC that customers aren't going to accept APFS if it means a multi hour process of backing up and restoring. Just upgraded to iOS 10.3 without issue.
  • Apple employee petition demands flexibility against return-to-office policy

    mac_dog said:
    Spoiled brats? I don’t know about this, as I don’t know the particular people involved. I’m glad some of you do. 
    If you want to be paid but don't want to do your job, then yes, you are a spoiled brat. That's enough info to make that determination. And yes, showing up is part of your job if your boss says it's part of your job. You don't get to pick and choose what your job is. Unless, of course, you are a spoiled brat.
    I agree this should be handled with immediate managers. They would take the responsibility if their division fails to meet productivity requirements. They should be required to prove their increased productivity from home vs office. Simple enough to do and it’s measurable. 
    Doing a good job is about more than how many lines of code you write. It's also about the effect you have on your team. If you get your project finished and then spend your free time on slack organizing mobs to attack colleagues you've never met in real life over stuff they wrote 10 years ago, then you are dragging your team down no matter what your performance metrics say. That also goes for people making petitions. 
    Both sides should be open to the scrutiny that’s required to make this a fair arrangement. 
    Apple is open to you finding work elsewhere. There is plenty. Totally fair that that if you don't want to do a job you should quit that job.

    Ultimately, Ventura and iPad OS 14 are likely the most lackluster updates ever for the respective platforms. The laziness lack of group cohesion caused by WFH is on full display. Apple couldn't even be bothered finding a picture of Monterrey or Ventura for the wallpaper. That's called calling it in and its emblematic of the whole Ventura release.
  • Apple design team shows off 'quiet and calming' Apple Park

    DAalseth said:
    Cathedrals were designed for the Church Hierarchy, not the people who actually arrived on Sunday. 
    I don't know where you got that- you've been reading some sort of anti-religious propaganda I guess. To get good acoustics, the ceiling has to be at least as high as the building is wide. You know, so the "people who actually arrived on Sunday" could hear. In order for the illiterate "people who actually arrived on Sunday" to be able to understand, things had to be shown visually via sculptures, paintings, and stained glass windows. To be able to see those visual lessons there had to be light. Since candles can't light a space that big very well that meant the biggest possible windows which lead to innovations such as gothic buttresses.

    The design constraints above pretty much entirely made cathedrals what they are and are all about meeting the needs of "people who actually arrived on Sunday". People didn't toil away for centuries making cathedrals purely to please some bishop.
  • Apple fined $12M in Russia over alleged app market abuse

    mac_dog said:
    I guess in Russia, you’re guilty until proven innocent. 
    In chess you have predictable rules and unpredictable results. In Russia you have predictable results and unpredictable rules.

    - Gary Kasparov
  • Editorial: Siri is greatly improved in iPadOS and iOS 13, but we still need more

    I can’t wait for DED to write a rebuttal arguing that Siri is already perfect, just like the butterfly keyboards. 

    Seriously though, you can break Siri just by saying “turn the lights off... in two minutes”. She’s an idiot. 
  • Apple employee petition demands flexibility against return-to-office policy

    rcomeau said:

    Not everything is measurable and companies that reply too much on measuring usually don't do anything creative. A lot of the benefits of being in person in groups are the random conversations that spark the ideas that changes things. KPIs (key performance indicators) are overrated.
    Yeah. It's incredible that people don't understand that WFH arrangements will quickly descend into a dystopia of automated performance metrics where your boss is an algorithm and you can't even talk to a human. It would basically turn programming for Apple into working in a call center or Amazon warehouse. Gross.
  • Healthcare tech firm Epic Systems says it won't consider any Apple buyout offer

    While I congratulate any business for keeping its vision and independence. It’s comical to suggest that Apple would need this company.. at all. 
    You have no clue what you're talking about- you obviously don't work in health care. Epic, like all EMRs, isn't great. I'd love to have Apple buy them. But the EMR business is a harsh one- there's a reason Apple, Microsoft and Google haven't tried to enter this market and I'll spell it out for you. Creating a mediocre EMR would cost several billion. Creating a great one would cost tens of billions. Am I pulling these numbers from my ass? Nope. Ontario's ehealth spent over a billion trying to make an EMR and got nothing. Ditto for many other attempts. 

    The complexity of an EMR is amazing. Think of everything that happens in health- documenting physical exams, ordering labs, biopsies, diagnostics of every other kind, billing, medical legal stuff, etc. Creating a system that does what a family doc needs would cost millions, but that wouldn't cover what a cardiologist needs to process EKGs and echocardiograms, or what a nurse needs to administer meds. There are 30+ medical specialties of doctors plus nurses, pharmacists, clerks, respiratory therapist, physiotherapists, etc., etc., who all need millions of dollars worth of software. And you can't piecemeal it- they all have to work together. It doesn't mean shit if I, as a family doc, have an EMR if all the specialists are sending me faxes. 

    Bottom line, if Apple wanted to make a great EMR, they would need a viable place to start and Epic is probably that place. Cramer is right. But the EMR industry, while big, is too risky and Apple won't touch it. 
  • Apple Music's curated music discovery feature goes live for iOS 10 beta users

    Man I accidentally loaded this page with my content blocker off. Hadn't done that in years. Boy is it bad. Like really, really, bad. You can barely find the story at all!
  • Apple 'M1X' chip specification prediction appears on benchmark site

    cloudguy said:
    saarek said:
    I hope this isn’t true.

    I’m hoping for a true performance king that humiliates AMD & Intel and sets the bar in terms of performance. Primarily GPU based upgrades over the M1 wouldn’t be the big step up in the true “Pro” Macs over the current M1 that I was hoping for.
    With all due respect why do you believe that this is even possible? As I have stated numerous times, the idea that ARM is inherently superior to x86 was wishful thinking. 
    The firestorm core is demonstrably superior to any Intel core, by far. It is absolutely possible for Apple to make a CPU with more than 4 of them.

    And yes, ARM is inherently superior. The fixed length instruction make it inherently more efficient to to out of order execution. Intel literally has to resort to decoding each instruction multiple times at once in case it happens to be a long instruction which means that most of the power doing that is wasted. So compared to Apple Silicon, Intel can't look as many instructions ahead (slower) and also wastes power (hotter). That's a terrible inherent flaw in x86.