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  • Comparing AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon's unlimited 5G wireless plans for iPhone 12

    I prepay mint $300 then never think about it again for another year. Cant justify another $900 for mobile service and a $1000 for a 5g phone on top of the $800 i pay per year for Wifi for my Mac, iPad and work PC. No thanks. It all adds up very very quickly.

    Interesting that my T-Mobil plan for old farts (55 & over) does not include 5G.   To get 5G I'd have to switch to a standard plan at a substantial increase:   2 lines on my old farts plan costs $55 a month but the regular "essential" plan that includes 5G would cost $90 - almost 2/3's more!

    But, to be fair, the 55 plan was always cheaper so not all of that could be tied directly to 5G.   But for me, it would still be a substantial increase.
    I would think T-mobile would allow 5G on the 55 and over plan since they rolled it out first on the sub frequency that should improve coverage in rural areas. If not for the speed, at least make sure the 55+ plus plan has good service coverage with 5G for these people to have service and make calls when needed. After all they agreed to increase rural area coverage as part fo the sprint merger. I guess I will find out if the coverage with sub 5G is better sometime today since I am in that rural area.
  • Equifax to pay $700 million for breach of 140 million Americans' data

    300 mill to 425 mill for 143 mill people affected, That’s a whole $2.10 to $3.03 per person, wow. Yea, that will help me monitor my credit that took years to build up a FICO score over 800 and affects my auto insurance costs and deposits on utilities. My credit that I now have to monitor for years since anyone who stole my info would wait 5 or 10 years before selling it. The info that would allow some to commit fraud as me, open fake accounts, even steal my ID or gain access to current accounts with the data stolen. $3 will defiantly save me, thanks. ——— Meanwhile 275 mill to 48 states, Washington, Puerto Rico, and consumer financial protection bureau get about 5.4 mill each based on fines. Seems the government and states benefit more from this. They better give me free legal services when I’m fighting to get my ID back and fix all the fraud charges committed against me. What am I saying......that won’t happen.