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  • Five key features missing from Apple's new iPad mini

    Not many may agree with me, but the only reason I am not upgrading my iPad Pro from like 4 or 5 years ago is that it charges wirelessly on the Logitech Logi Base. It just sits in my living room without any weird cable sticking out from its side when charging, no lose cable on the floor or a table when it is not charging. I just pick it up when I sit down on the couch, or move over to the dining table, and put it back when I leave. The convenience is so big that I cannot understand why they removed wireless charging and have not added it back. Arguably, wireless charging for an iPad is a bigger convenience gain than on an iPhone, because the iPad is less portable than an iPhone but not as stationary as a desk top or even a laptop.
  • Apple resurrects full-size HomePod with updated acoustics

    kiowawa said:
    sflagel said:
    Did the old one have this:

    Yes, the original HomePod had Bluetooth 5.0. 

    I had the impression the Mini version did not have Bluetooth, which made it hard to use for me as I travel a lot and wanted to bring it along without hooking to Hoel wifi.  
    Although apparently the large HomePod did have Bluetooth 5.0, you could not use it to play music…. So if someone came to your house with a phone that is not from Apple, they could not share their music. The biggest reason not to get one.
  • CarPlay & Android Auto have a stranglehold on the new car market

    I wonder what it is that Tesla owners find so satisfactory about their infotainment systems, or why drivers of other cars are not as satisfied with theirs. I find the Tesla systems lack others, especially CarPlay.
    The navigation is terrible, its just a top down view with confusing (and sometimes contradicting) step by step directions - like Apple Maps 5 years ago. Granted, it now has Apple Music, but if you share a car, your wife destroys your algorithm because you cannot switch easily to her Apple Music account. Sure, Tesla can integrate your Contacts and Calendar, but again, no way to switch easily in a shared car. Sending texts is possible, but cumbersome. Not to mention that there are no Audiobooks, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Customer rampages through French Apple Store, smashes iPhones, iMacs, MacBook Air

    JMW Media said:
    macxpress said:
    What's so amazing is the way he was treated by employees, security and customers. The security guard appears to be conversing with him about his actions, the store employees don't appear disgruntled or scared and other customers aren't reacting to his actions. In America his antics would not have been so politely received. My guess is a bystander would have intervened and a tussle would have ensued. Everything just comes off very passive.

    Apparently, French law permits mall guards (maybe store employees) from touching him. This is why if you look around you'll see other videos and they're not touching him, but rather just blocking him from running away. Only when they are attacked are they physically touching him.

    In the US I think he'd at least be hand-cuffed by mall security and detained somewhere until police arrived so he couldn't hurt anyone. Usually at most malls that I've been to in different places, some sort of police was already there for the sake of being there. 

    Different countries have different laws for this type of activity. 
    In the UK, the Apple staff would have all been arrested and charged with violating his Human Rights and fined for not providing him with googles, hard hat, steel toecap boots, Hi-Viz vest to carry out his vandalism.

    In the UK, they would have offered him a cup of tea while he waits for the police to turn himself in.
    In Germany, the staff would have joined in the civil disobedience.
    In Denmark, arrested and sentenced to three weeks in a youth camp by the Baltic Sea.
    In Italy, the mother would offer to be arrested on his behalf.
    In Spain, nothing would have happened. He would just walk out when he is done.
    in the US, they would have shot him.

    All but one seem appropriate responses for the smashing of a few tech gadgets.
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  • Comparison: iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus camera quality

    Please stop calling a blurred background "bokeh". Bokeh is a very specific technique that converts light sources in the background into round spots, a blurred background is just depth-of-field.
  • Mission to find missing AirPods leads to airport worker

    Why did the airport employee not just reset the AirPods? All he has to do is push a button in the back. Strange case and so much drama for a pair of AirPods….. emailing every executive jeez. 
  • Apple Watch Series 9 & second Apple Watch Ultra will be significant upgrades

    We consider new colours, an improved heart rate sensor, and improved Find My "significant" upgrades now? I remember when significant meant things like mobile calling capability.
  • Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

    This comparison leaves out the most important aspect, the curated and algorithmic playlists. They are much better on Spotify. Also, Apple messes up my bought and my streaming tracks, regularly playing a streaming version that I did not want to hear instead of my owned track. Weird and annoying. 
  • Apple debuts $249 AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation

    netling said:
    Not for NYC to LA, or international flights... you would have to take the charger and charge them mid-flight... Sony, Bose and Plantronics wins in that ball park. 
    Are you saying you wont use them because you have to take the charging case with you, to get 24 hours worth of use out of them? The CHARGING CASE is too large to take on an international flight? I don't know if you use the current AirPods, but you don't have to worry about the charging case, it is tiny; and you will need one at your destination anyway (even for the Bose ones).
  • Controversial Humane Ai Pin is here, costs $700, and requires a subscription

    I would venture that the wrist is a better place for such a device than on a jumper, for various reasons. But besides that, their premise of a post-App world is truly exciting. Apps/algorithms would obviously still exist, but AI acts a consolidation layer, and it could mean that all apps were always available to all users, and the AI decides what to use for which purpose. Interesting, at least.