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  • Apple counters Australian banks' call for iPhone NFC access, cites handset security

    The big four Australian banks are absolutely cartel thugs. Commonwealth just posted $7.1billion USD profit for the year. The other three aren't far behind. The Commonwealth bank never leads with new products. They only respond when they absolutely have to. The profit of Australia banks are almost 3% of GDP. 
    Its great ANZ broke ranks, there is hope yet. 
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  • Final 'big four' Australian bank folds, announces Apple Pay rollout by mid-2020

    Eat *^%# Westpac! I left you 4 months ago. Better mortgage rates elsewhere and now I finally can use ApplePay.... and I love it! 

    You greedy, clueless, cartel wankers! Goodbye 
  • Australians can add digital health insurance cards to Apple Wallet

    HICAPS machines are at almost every doctor/GP clinic dentist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, remedial massage practitioner in Australia. They look like a credit card terminal. 

    Here’s an example of how a visit to say my chiropractor would go. 

    “That will be $52 thanks” ($38USD) 
    “have you got your private healthcare card?”


    Swipe card through HICAPS machine.

    ”HBF (my private health fund provider) has covered $27”($20 USD)

    Apple Pay via your credit card and it charges you the gap payment of $25 ($18 USD)

    ”Thank you you, have a nice day”


    Some Australian states have digital wallet versions of your drivers licence too. I’d say not carrying a wallet at all will be truely feasible in 2-3 years.
  • Apple Pay activated by last major Australian holdout

    Haha! Suck it Westpac! I’ve already left 8 months ago. 
  • Apple Maps Look Around imaging vehicles spotted in New Zealand, Singapore, Israel

    elijahg said:
    They've been going about in the UK for at least 4 years, and yet there are only a handful of cities it works in here. Apple has a horrible habit of introducing something with big fanfare, extolling its virtues, only to tell people that the feature is "coming soon" to particular territories and it never arrives, or arrives so many years later everyone's long forgotten about it.  Essentially vaporware for most of the world until that point. At the speed they're rolling it out the map will make a better a time machine than anything else.

    Yes, Google had a 7 year lead on Apple, but is Apple Maps as good now, after 8 years of its existence, as Google Maps was after 8 years? Google already had street view when Apple Maps was released, it took Apple 7 years to introduce it. Apple has way more money than Google had when they introduced Street View, so it can't be cost related. I'd say for basic mapping Apple Maps is better, but pretty much every value-added feature Google beats Apple by quite a way.

    The few places it does work it looks great, way better resolution and granularity than Street View, just a shame that there aren't many places it does actually work. Mushy Google pictures are better than no pictures at all. "Look around" is a pretty crap name as well. Everyone immediately knows what "street view" implies, even without hearing of it before. "Look around" though is too generic and not descriptive enough. Oha nd there's no way to see what roads are actually look around enabled on Apple Maps, its just pot lock.
    I agree, billions in stock buy backs somehow benefits us Apple uses but spending those billions on things like getting Apple maps is a dumb idea. I’m a simpleton but twice as many cars, drivers, GIS, software people wouldn’t hurt. 

    I still use Apple maps as my first choice but if I’ve got to search a business and get directions quickly I’ll use Google maps. Or if I’m on a road trip and want to keep an eye on speed limits ect I use Waze. Even though Apple maps is far from terrible now, the perception in most people’s eyes is that it’s hopeless. Only money spent on maps so it is actually better and promotion will change that. 
  • Apple shifts more production from iPhone 12 mini, to iPhone 12 Pro

    mobird said:
    If Apple would release the iPhone mini "Pro" version with stainless steel...
    Absolutely agree. I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to a 12pro. 

    95% of my coms/computing is done on my phone. I need to take quite a lot of photos at work in very bright and very shaded locations, along with wide shores and zoomed. I’m out in the field for 12.5hr days. I need long battery life. 

    I’m glad I bought the 12pro as it covers these bases. 

    If the iPhone mini had the same battery life and cameras, I would buy that hands down. One handed phones are a pleasure to use. Oh, for my 5s. 
  • Australia's largest bank finally caves, announces imminent Apple Pay support

    Ah, not so fast.
    Commonwealth bank has caved in to finally join ANZ but the other two major banks haven’t yet.

    I’m still waiting for Westpac to allow me to use my iPhone 6 I bought 4 years ago. Apple Pay being a major selling point I was keen to enjoy using. It’s only taken 4 plus years for these corrupt clueless thugs to realise, for once, they don’t get to wear the pants this time. 

    Im no Apple Fan boy but what truely  amazes me is that these multi billion dolllar businesses, either have, nonexistent, incompetent or flat out ignore their market research departments. 

    Apple may be a big arrogant jerk but we choose their Coolaid over Australian Banks any day. 

    ANZ- pragmatic gangster. 
    Commonwealth Bank - delusional gangster who finally got with the program.
    Westpac- embarrassing delusional gangster, still holding out
    NAB- embarrassing delusional gangster, still holding out.

    Watch them give it up pretty quick now.

    *^%#you Westpac!