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  • European advertisers critical of iOS 14 warning users about ad tracking

    sdw2001 said:
    Let me be the first to say “too effing bad.”  Ad tracking is pervasive and a terrible invasion of privacy.  The advertisers are upset? Shocker.  
    I couldn’t agree more. The very reasons they’re upset are the reasons I’m happy about this new feature in iOS 14. Thank you Apple for having the courage to do this.  
  • Apple Watch bands harbor dangerous bacteria -- because no one cleans them

    The title of the article states that “Apple Watch bands . . .” Isn’t this true of all watch bands?
  • Tim Cook wants Apple to buy Manchester United soccer team

    To address a point from Xed:
    (Well, two. I never said Tim was like Elon. I said just the opposite.) 

    But more importantly,
    ”Additionally, they are in need of a new stadium. If Apple gets their team(s) designing a stadium it very well cold become as iconic as its stores—perhaps to the point that you and I might go to see if we're ever in Manchester.”

    A clarification seems to be needed. Apple designers are amazing product designers but they’re not architects. The two fields are very different. Jony Ive did not design the new Apple headquarters, the architect Norman Foster did. Steve Jobs did not design the Cube on 5th Avenue in NY, that was the architectural firm of Bolin, Cywinski, Jackson.  Steve Jobs didn’t design the stair in the first Apple office building, that was the work of the architect I.M. Pei. Just to dispel some rumors I’ve heard over and over. Apple designers have not designed any Apple stores. 
  • Facebook attacks Apple over iOS 14 ad privacy program in full-page newspaper ads

    I guess I missed the ads Facebook took out that said “We steal your personal data against your will and make huge profits from it.”
    it must’ve been with the one that said, “We influence public opinion in ways you can’t even imagine.”
  • Telegram CEO claims Apple is delaying update that will 'revolutionize' messaging

    peterhart said:
    And what is this magically revolutionary update anyway? 
    If he told us it wouldn’t create nearly as much free, sensational publicity for the app. 
  • This may be the best look yet at the iPhone 15 color assortment

    With this news it means that I’m definitely getting a case this year, and not a transparent one. 
    These color choices are very disappointing.
  • Colombia court bans 5G iPhones and iPads in Ericsson patent case

    mpantone said:
    Ok, let's see...  Apple has zero stores in Colombia.  Oh well...

    Those are bricks-and-mortar stores. You don't need a bricks-and-mortar location to do business.

    Ever hear of How many bricks-and-mortar stores do they have where you live? How about Roku? Or Sony? Or LG? Or Logitech?

    How many retail stores does Nintendo have? Two: New York and Tel Aviv. Zero in Japan: not a single one.
    There are also brick and mortar stores operated by authorized retailers in countries that don’t have Apple Stores. 
  • Apple will not buy Disney, no matter how often it hears that it will

    JP234 said:
    Screw Disney. Apple should buy Congress. Oh wait a minute…they already do. And they're not alone.
    How can you say that? It’s completely untrue!         They only rent it. 
  • Apple's Tim Cook was among Chinese President Xi's dinner guests

    Honkers said:
    Xi shouldn’t even be allowed to step foot here. 

    It’s ridiculous that America (and Apple, Google, etc) looks the other way to his human rights atrocities and dictatorial ambitions just because of money. 

    Now he wants to forcibly devour a nice profitable and free country to make it his own. Wars have been fought for less. We used to be the international policeman. But now the chief is dazed and confused most of the time and refuses to take the rich criminals to task. 

    Xi has formed strong bonds with Russia and our California, federal, and tech leaders (newsom, Biden, and cook) welcome him? Would they do that with Putin? Only if he had more money to offer, apparently. 

    Newsom even magically found a way to cure the years-long homeless issue and clean up the streets of San Fran in weeks to roll out the clean carpet for Xi. For XI! Wish I was making this up. Couldn’t do it for the residents snd constitents. But for sn evil dictator with money? No prob. 
    Good luck effecting change if you refuse to talk with the people who you need to change.
    And while you’re working on that, please read a few news sources. This was not a summit between Biden and Xi only. It was something called APEC, which happens to include many world leaders. I leave the rest to you. 
  • Lens maker Sony doesn't expect high demand for the iPhone 15

    Good. Maybe this means they’ll be nice and cheap. One can wish, no?