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  • Zagg Folio for iPad mini 5 adds long-lasting notebook-style keyboard

    I just hope they've improved the hinge.  My wife used one of these on her iPad Mini 4 and after two months the hinge broke completely.  It still works as a case, but it's annoying to have to hold the iPad up to see the screen when you're typing!
  • How to cope with just 128GB of SSD storage on your Mac mini or MacBook

    Can someone tell me just what % of the SSD should be left empty for best performance? People used to say 25% minimum, but the author here talks about 5 GB, if I understand correctly. 
    Any insights would be helpful. Thanks. 
  • Jobs biographer slams Apple design and missed TV opportunity

    TC_Young said:
    As a 30 year Apple fan, I have come to believe that we are no longer seeing Apple innovate in the hardware space like they did when Jobs was around. Reminds me of the 1990s, albeit Apple fortunately is in a much healthier space now, financially. The other big difference now is Apple fortunately has a large market share in a mobile platform (iPhones), whereas in the 1990s they usually owned less than 5% of the PC market and it was often declining market share. Unless/until wearables becomes the next big thing, the obvious concern is the maturing mobile phone market will no longer drive big growth for Apple. So what's next? Sadly, I don't see Tim Cook answering that question for us.
    Of course you are. We always get that one-poster who owns all Apple products but doesn't understand Apple lol.

    macgui said:
    A bunch of people have parroted the 'What about iPhone, iPad, and AirPods' line as though it was their own and not a quote from the article. Some actually spelled them correctly. That's comical.

    As interesting and popular as they are, they are not nearly the same level of design as Apple Park. They didn't require nearly the oversight to get those done. They are awesome in their own right. They also pale in comparison to the designing of Apple Park.

    I have never visited the Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, the Empire State Building, or any of the fantastic buildings in Dubai. (I have visited some of the crazy cool buildings in Hong Kong.

    None of those designs are any less for my not seeing them, nor any more for my having seen them. That 99.999999adnausium people won't see Apple Park in person means nothing, except they will miss out of a superb design and engineering experience. The traditional 'Seven Wonders of the World' are no less so because you haven't seen them. To think so says more about you than any design. And just to be clear, that isn't a compliment.

    So you move the goalposts so far that the only thing innovative from Apple should be buildings? WHAT THE FU**?

    Nice way to dismiss all tech products from a tech company.

    BTW Apple Stores look nice lately:

    The fact that a TECH company is building beautiful world renown architecture is astounding. And here we are bit*ing anyways.... The things we take for granted...
    Good point except for one thing:  Apple did not design these stores!  Apple did not design Apple Park.  Jony Ives did not design Apple Park. When are people going to understand that architects designed these places, not Steve Jobs, not Jony Ives?  Apple Park was designed by Foster and Associates.  The 5th Avenue store in New York was designed by Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson.  The store in the photograph on the left, which is in Shanghai, was also designed by Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson.
    Jony and Steve certainly had input, but that doesn't mean they designed these places.  Jony's involvement with Apple Park was construction supervision and discussions about details - a far cry from designing the place.
    I thought Isaacson was a better writer than this, meaning that he does fact checks.  I guess not.

  • Jony Ive's departure follows years of dissatisfaction and absenteeism

    Jony Ive designed Apple Park? That bit of news is going to come as a big surprise to Norman Foster and his firm, who actually designed it. Jony may have had input, but I don’t see Lord Norman being one to listen well to others. When are people going to start giving credit where credit is due, and not where it isn’t? 
    It’s the same with the Apple Store on Park Avenue, New York. Steve Jobs did not design this! It was the firm of Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson. 
    Get your facts straight people!
  • Review: Wearbuds are like AirPods for your wrist

    I don’t see the appeal of wearing my ear pods and charger on my wrist. Something about “wearing my heart on my sleeve.”  

    And the fact that it’s a Kickstarter campaign also kills it for me.  I’ve supported three campaigns and been scammed in two of those. Of course Kickstarter doesn’t care since they get their cut even if I get nothing.