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  • iPhone 7 owners say phones producing 'hissing' sound under heavy task loads

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  • Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with six-core processors, 32GB of RAM

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    Where’s the “no one needs 32GB of RAM” crowd? 
    Clearly Apple thinks the customers need it........... 

    The market demanded it, Apple listened. 
    Or is because Intel is too slow so it doesn’t worth to wait another year.  DDR4 sounds more like a compromise.

    Or is it because Apple wouldn’t design a custom controller (which they do constantly and do a wonderful job at it) and make the computer a little thicker, boosting the whr rating of the battery? 
    Or just put the DDR4 in there with a little bigger battery. Sure it’s a compromise, that’s engineering. 
    Sure, it’s Intel’s screw up but it can easily be designed out. 

    You're right - engineering is always a compromise.

    Apples compromise was to limit the RAM to 16GB and not have to put up with the additional battery drain or expense of designing a custom controller when a new Intel processor would soon support 32GB anyway. Who's to say which compromise is better?
    The only reason it was a comprise was due to the fact Apple lowered the battery over 20% in the pursuit of thinness. How about go slightly thicker and not comprise on a working machine?


    have you listen everything that I said?

    But then, if you just wanna blaming on thiness for blaming on thiness, go ahead.
    IMO, obsession with thinness and not having any "lines" in the case is the source of many of Apple's design issues.  If they weren't so obsessed with thinness and lines in the case, they could go back to having user-replaceable/upgradable memory, battery and storage as my late-2008 MBP had.   I would trade away thinness in a second to get those other attributes back and it also would have potential to improve battery life.   My late-2016 MBP never came close to getting advertised battery life until the last OS upgrade (currently running 10.13.5). For some reason, after that upgrade, battery life improved substantially.   Before that, I never got more than four hours. 

    But using Apple's current design, they can force users to have to buy a new Mac every few years.   Apple was supposed to be better than this.
    You seem to be ignoring the speed and performance benefits of using integrated components. They're faster and more reliable, that's a fact. That's what Apple is prioritizing, over DIY tinkering. This is perfect for me as I'm interested in weight and speed for my mobile, and have no interest in DIY tinkering. If you do, get a Dell and stop being an unhappy victim. What's stopping you?
    Congratulations on it being perfect for you but that doesn't mean it's perfect for everyone and Apple could just as easily stop prioritizing those aspects in favour of others or offer a solution to both groups.

    Whatever they do, your conclusion is condescending. Speed and performance are entirely relative. Yesterday, Apple's fastest laptop option was 'X'. Today it is 'Y' and up to 70% faster. Yesterday they were were selling three year old hardware that didn't have the fastest performance. Clearly there is a proportion of Apple users who are willing to sacrifice speed and performance.
     Complete fabrication. Speed and reliability are real, quantitative, measurable things. Integrated components of the sort Apple went with are better in both. Sorry that offends you. 
  • Apple's Tim Cook drops to 96th place on list of CEOs most popular with workers

    ElCapitan said:

    No wonder Tim Cook falls in staff ranking as under his “leadership” Apple has for all practical purposes

    • Gutted the Mac Pro product line
    • Gutted the Mac mini product line
    • Gutted the Displays product line
    • Gutted the Networking peripherals product line
    • Gutted macOS server
    • Crippled iWorks to the extent the 09 version still have more features
    • Handled the MacBook Pro product mix particularly bad in terms of performance vs thinness.
    • Increased the pressure on staff to deliver yearly major releases of not one operating system like under Steve Jobs, but now 4. This has both lead to an increase in issues and reduced quality, but it also draining on the developer community where particularly Indie developers with limited resources struggle to keep up. 

    It must be very discouraging to for long term staff to see the very foundation the company was built on, being decimated in this manner. It is also not a very encouraging picture for long term customers. 

    At the same time he and the company is spending a lot of time virtue signaling climate change, GLBT, internal US politics and this fantastic building they are working so hard on. 

    Particularly the consequence of the virtue signaling can be draining on staff both because staff may not necessarily at the personal level subscribe to the views of Tim Cook, yet they are being put in a position to defend them on behalf of the company. 

    For international staff company virtue signaling may be even more draining because the employee could work in a country that largely have resolved these issues up to decades ago, or they are completely taboo at the other end of the scale. They also can make the company seem fruity and less serious in the eyes of many customers and potential customers. Yet the employee is forced to front the official company profile.

    Spot on.
  • Belkin intros Lightning to headphone jack cable for iPhone 7 and newer

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    Maybe just me but I’d imagine people who now have one of these phones without the jack have already went wireless.
    Easier said than done.
  • Purported 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging shows Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in box, 256GB storage

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    This sure does have the stink of plausibility on it. 

    It sure does seem that Apple is creating a significant marketing challenge for themselves. 
    Including the adapter would pretty much extinguish the complaints. 
    Wrong!  The cost of the dongle is almost irrelevant. It's the fact that you will never have it with you when you need it, and it's overall inelegance that offends me.  It seems acceptable on paper, but in the real world it sucks. I had a win CE phone that required one and the end result was I could not use it to listen to music. 
    I'm just not seeing the real world problem here. It is not going to affect me because:

    1. When I'm out and about, I'll either be using the included Lightning EarPods, or a set of Bluetooth earbuds (maybe Apple's AirPods if they come to fruition).
    2. When I'm at home, and serious about listening to music, I'll use my Phillips Fidelio Lightning headphones that I've already had for a year, because I care about high quality music and being able to listen to it on my iPhone, something you simply can't get out of the 3.5mm port.
    3. If I really wanted to connect a crappy old pair of analog headphones, I'll have the Adapter.

    Just like every legacy technology in my house, there is an adapter to connect it to a more modern device.

    I guess the vocal minority that is so indignant over this issue hasn't come to accept/realize that their analog headphones are actually antiquated, crappy tech, that has been replaced.

    Dude, read your use case and guess how many people do things this way. In this case you are the vocal minority, literarily.

    You get way more precise sound from a pair of $300 hi-fi analog headphones connected to the DAC inside your phone or computer than combining those two parts in one product. Lightning headphones are just analog headphones with a cheap microDAC/amp combo chip attached to their cable. What really matters now is that some people are willing to pay $300 for a $150 package. That's why all consumer headphone companies are so happy with the decisions made by who's also the largest headphone company in the world.

    Profits first!
  • Updated ambient light, proximity sensors in 'iPhone 7' prohibit use of legacy cases

    mac_128 said:
    Ha -- so the rumor is no major substantive upgrade, AND the customer still has to replace all of their accessories? Even my SE can use all of my 5s accessories.
    If it's no substantive upgrade how many current 6/S owners will be upgrading? And what do you mean by "all their accessories"? What accessories are there outside of cases?
    Screen protectors.
  • New photos show possible Lightning-equipped EarPods for Apple's 'iPhone 7'

    Looking forward to the future when instead of all wired headphones having the same standardized jack that works in all audio devices, we now have segregated wired headphones that have different connectors that only work in their respective ecosystems /s
    I think the future you want is coming, but it won't be wired at all - it's going to be wireless.  Frankly, the fact that we're not already there yet is surprising, especially considering how many wireless speakers are on the market.  It's like manufacturers just dropped the ball on pushing through problems (battery life, size, connectivity, price and sound quality) with but a handful of options to really chose from in BT headphones.
    Oh BT wireless! So many advantages compared to the analog jack! Everything we've always wanted! Lower quality Bluetooth sound, the super convenient process of pairing and unpairing when moving from phone to computer to car, another device to charge, plus more batteries to dump on landfills! Can't wait!