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  • Apple's Tim Cook drops to 96th place on list of CEOs most popular with workers

    ElCapitan said:

    No wonder Tim Cook falls in staff ranking as under his “leadership” Apple has for all practical purposes

    • Gutted the Mac Pro product line
    • Gutted the Mac mini product line
    • Gutted the Displays product line
    • Gutted the Networking peripherals product line
    • Gutted macOS server
    • Crippled iWorks to the extent the 09 version still have more features
    • Handled the MacBook Pro product mix particularly bad in terms of performance vs thinness.
    • Increased the pressure on staff to deliver yearly major releases of not one operating system like under Steve Jobs, but now 4. This has both lead to an increase in issues and reduced quality, but it also draining on the developer community where particularly Indie developers with limited resources struggle to keep up. 

    It must be very discouraging to for long term staff to see the very foundation the company was built on, being decimated in this manner. It is also not a very encouraging picture for long term customers. 

    At the same time he and the company is spending a lot of time virtue signaling climate change, GLBT, internal US politics and this fantastic building they are working so hard on. 

    Particularly the consequence of the virtue signaling can be draining on staff both because staff may not necessarily at the personal level subscribe to the views of Tim Cook, yet they are being put in a position to defend them on behalf of the company. 

    For international staff company virtue signaling may be even more draining because the employee could work in a country that largely have resolved these issues up to decades ago, or they are completely taboo at the other end of the scale. They also can make the company seem fruity and less serious in the eyes of many customers and potential customers. Yet the employee is forced to front the official company profile.

    Spot on.
  • Belkin intros Lightning to headphone jack cable for iPhone 7 and newer

    mavemufc said:
    Maybe just me but I’d imagine people who now have one of these phones without the jack have already went wireless.
    Easier said than done.
  • iPhone slowdown class action lawyers make 'inherently dangerous' demand for Apple to keep ...

    dewme said:
    larrya said:
    Sorry, guys, I have to disagree. These batteries are evidence that could show Apple was throttling devices with objectivity good batteries. Maybe the diagnostic data could show the same thing, maybe it would be insufficient. 
    The degraded battery workaround that Apple put in place is conditional and only triggered on-demand and when needed to avoid system crashes. The presence of a degraded battery in a device alone is not sufficient to prove that the device performance was impacted in any way.
    Not true. The phones are slowed down even when when connected to power on your car or desk through the lightning port. This was the case with my 6S until the battery was replaced at 60% health.
  • Apple designer Jony Ive defends ditching home button, other tech in interview about iPhone...

    Blunt said:
    cgWerks said:
    I'm so sick of this analogy between the floppy and 3.5mm jack. It doesn't work.

    First, within the Mac community, floppies weren't being used that much anymore, if at all. It wasn't a hardship to not have a floppy. The floppy really was a legacy device. The 3.5mm simply isn't.

    Your right the analogy doesn't work because just like me almost every Mac user bought a external floppy drive. Losing the 3.5 mm was free and i don't miss it at all. Know a lot of 7 users never hear them complaining. The ones that complain are mostly Fandroids.
    By the time they removed it. WTF did you use a floppy drive for??? Serious question.
  • PSA: Thunderbolt 3 cables longer than 0.5m generally don't support USB 3.1 speeds

    The design of the USB-C spec is awful. The future is bright...