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  • Huawei CEO claims company can overtake Apple in 2018

    It's not that they can't shipped more devices than Apple, because many oem's can. The question is at what price point and profits. Apple can sell and ship more iPhones if they want to lower their margins and profits, but why? Why should Apple ship more products only to make less money. What no oem's will be able to do is shipped more devices than Apple at the same price point. Why can't people understand this, Apple will not sacrifice their margins for the sake of market shares.
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  • Spotify retains clear lead over Apple Music with 60M paid subscribers

    What? Spotify has 60 vs Apple 27, Apple is doomed.  As usual Apple is always losing at something to some company.  It's a wonder those guys are still in business, roll eyes.
  • Apple praises EC antitrust refocus, but ignores the bad parts

    It's a big win for Apple because the EU pretty much confirm platform owners can keep their 30% cut and continue as business as usual.  The only part the EU took issue with is something Apple already addressed with their changes to the appstore already.  No government is going to dictate to a private company how much their should charge for their platform services no matter how much some folks scream about it.
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  • Apple original content plans a 'moving target,' may play into new Los Angeles offices

    If Apple isn't clear on what its goals/ambitions are in this space it shouldn't make some major acquisition, especially not to placate Wall Street sell slide analysts.
    Exactly.  I am just not sure Apple feel like they need to get into original programming to compete.  I don't blame them one bit, Apple needs to take their time and decides if it's something that will pay off for them in the long run.  Over the years, Tim Cook have said they have no problem getting contents and original programming is expensive and will continue to get more expensive.  You need to be in it for the long haul in order to make those kind of investments.  Netflix is spending $6 billion dollars this year alone in original programming.  I cancelled my Netflix subscription simply because there are nothing to watch outside of their original programming.  The Approach I would like Apple to take is to be what Netflix wanted to be but pivoted when the studios wanted to play hardball.  There are just too many things that are not on Netflix to justify the monthly costs for me.
  • On its 9th birthday, Apple's iPhone finds itself at a crossroads

    Why is Apple Insider worried about Apple's growth.  As a fan and user, that is the least of my worries.  Only stock holders should worry about things like that, and if they have a problem then they should get out of the stock.  This is my biggest worry with Tim Cook being in charge because with him in charge, he has shown a tendency to listen to wall street far too often at the expense of us users.  Lately Apple have began to be too much about margins and profits at the expense of the users and the experiences.   You see it with their inssistance on shipping 16gb models even though they know it kills the user experience for a lot of users.  They are many other examples.