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  • Inside Greater China: An exclusive look at Apple in Shenzhen

    Thanks for this article, Daniel; I enjoyed it a great deal. I found your comparison of the San Francisco and Shenzhen metro systems particularly interesting. It must be said that when it comes to huge infrastructure projects, communism or socialism is a very effective and efficient way to build them. One does occasionally hear horror stories of shoddy workmanship and corners being cut causing deaths, and in the long term, those cut corners may prove to have been an unwise decision. We shall see.

    Do you have any drone footage? That would be good to see.
  • Apple's Tim Cook says his home state is 'too slow' on LGBT rights issue, pushes for education reform

    The problem with Cook banging on about the poor having an unfair chance in life, is that it is not Apple's position to do anything about it.

    How do you define poor in relation to Apple? I'm sure there are thousands, if not millions, of people who struggle to afford Apple products, but nevertheless buy them. There are many degrees of poor. By catering to the very poorest, Apple is discriminating against those who aren't quite as poor, but who still struggle to afford things. It seems strange that Cook should speak about helping the poor when he runs a company that sells the most expensive computers on the planet.

    In light of the lack of any revolutionary product, either in the past four years or on the horizon (no, the Apple Watch is not revolutionary), Apple would be better advised to lower the cost of all their products. They have no need for all the cash that they have.

    It is the government's job to ensure that everyone is able to have a good education, not Apple's.

    If Tim Cook wishes to embark upon a political career, the time is ripe. He has achieved good things at Apple, but the lack of focus has been showing for some time. Apple now needs a new CEO who can guide Apple on its next journey.