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  • Apple Vision Pro could help surgeons see vital data during operations

    No hospital is going to rely on an Apple consumer product for a safety critical task such as surgery.
    Actually healthcare workers prefer to use iPhones and iPads because of their dependability for our clinical work.  As an ICU physician, I relay on multiple iOS applications to get realtime data, communicate to colleagues and get access to drug and disease information.  Apple watches are almost ubiquitous, especially among my anesthesia colleagues.  The ratio of iPhones to android devices among practitioners (physicians, PAs and NPs) is greater than 10:1 in my experience.  Among RNs it is more like the general population with a bit more androids (though iPhones are still more prominent).

    And we constantly bitch about the poor design of hospital based IT systems though Epic and Cerner are decent.

    When I saw Apple demo the AVP, I immediately began to think about medical applications.  Getting quick data, especially realtime laboratory data is a challenge during medical urgencies & a virtual overlay would be of immense benefit to us.  But obviously you can’t be closed off to your environment in a crisis and need your hands to do procedures.  Time will tell.
  • Privacy not absolute: US among consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors

    Maybe the priority of the “Five Eye jurisdiction” should be to lock down their data first to prevent hacking.

    It’s time to turn the table and accuse them of violating our privacy by not safeguarding our data.
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  • Zuckerberg's Apple Vision Pro hot take just gave him a Ballmer iPhone moment

    This is the unfolding ritual of an new Apple product reveal-

    1. Existing companies make half-baked products that don’t get mass adoption.

    2. Apple toils away in secret to improve the product.

    3. The product is released and competitors and tech-pundits criticize it as too expensive and unnecessary.

    4. Apple continues to redefine it and elicits the support of developers and customers.

    5. Competitors copy features of the Apple product that they could not envision.

    6. Most give up because they lack Apple’s manufacturing scale and ability to reinvest in innovation.

    I agree that in this karmic cycle, Mark Z will play the role of Steve Ballmer.
  • Undiagnosed heart blockage detected thanks to Apple Watch

    The medically correct term here is Block not Blockage.

    To use the term Blockage is to imply a coronary artery blockage or myocardial infarction.  In layman’s terms, a heart attack which is something an Apple Watch cannot do.

    The correct term is rather Block as in sinoatrial block or atrioventricular block which is an electrical conduction issue.  In layman’s terms, a heart rhythm disturbance when the heart does not a generate an electrical signal for an extended period of time.
  • Two good car antitheft measures are AirTags and stick shifts

    Great story…

  • Apple will crush the DoJ in court if Garland sticks with outdated arguments

    Thanks Mike and William for the article and thanks Mike for defending common sense in the comment section.  

    This DOJ action is an example of our government’s misguided sense of priorities and how they are out-of-touch with real issues…real monopolies and financial abuses that affect us are ignored (Ticket Master, credit card, banking overcharges, payday lending) are the examples that comes to mind and real criminality (hacking, the exploitation of the elderly, other forms of cybercrime) are ignored.

    The other perplexing thing here are the big-tech things they are ignoring—Google’s monopoly on independent video delivery (YouTube), search, the way they handle ad sales; the stranglehold Amazon has on sellers in their marketplace.

    Yeah the Life of Brian quote is appropriate- “hate those Romans, what have they done for us?”

    Apple just attracts the hate for reasons I can never understand.

    And don’t get me started on the misguided Tick Tock ban because of politicians’ “feelings.”
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  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    What amazed me was the usual collection of Samsung apologists who maintained their response to this crisis was was not.
  • How Apple's 40 years of learning & iteration is powering Vision Pro

    Thanks DED, good to have you back.  For me personally, I like the exploration of why tech pundits never seem to get Apple in a fundamental way, question #3 specifically.
  • Google now tries getting EU to force open iMessage

    I think a single messaging standard would invite government surveillance even with encryption.  The right answer is to let multiple messaging standards exist.  In Europe, android and FB Messenger reign supreme and Google needs to refine their own system.
  • Apple's App Store anti-steering rules are gone, but the replacement isn't much better

    Way to win the war Sweeney.  Hope all the legal fees and loss of business was worth it.