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  • First look: Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR [u]

    Apple really should have gone back to the cheese grater design which was more elegant than this Ive designed piece of technology. Wheels are a great idea! The monitor is way overpriced. The pro stand's price is insane as well.I feel there is going to be problems with that stand because of that connection. It resembles the old flower pod designed iMac from years ago. The monitor arm on that model had some issues. I do not trust the design of that "pro" stand. I think the computer may sell well despite it is a bit over priced  but the monitor is really overpriced. I bought a 43" LG 4K monitor for $600 and it is absolutely beautiful. The Sony monitor Apple used as a price justification for the new display had an incorrect price of $43,000. It goes for $28,000. That is a broadcast quality monitor with many functions. Apple lied as always. I am greatly disappointed with the quality and prices of their products. I wasted 2 hours of my time watching the WWDC. Apple really is out of touch with it's customers.
  • Case manufacturer says Apple likely to ditch Touch ID in 'iPhone 8'

    Apple is really an unpredictable company. They introduce Touch ID with the iPhone line up and incorporate it with Apple Pay. Apple then introduces it with the Macbook Pro line up. Now they are going to eliminate it like the headphone jack was summarily eliminated in iPhone 7. Apple appears to have no apparent vision on what technology they want to use in their products. Why should anybody buy an Apple product? They have no consideration on how these changes will effect their customers. Apple keeps making lame excuses (such as room for the battery and/or waterproofing in the iPhone 7), always raising prices on these products. The customers have to absorb the cost of Apple's tech changes with things like dongles and bluetooth headphones. Apple claims they are future minded. Not so! They just do not have the midas touch anymore. I am really disappointed with Apple lack of innovation. They are just money hungry. This iPhone 8 will probably sell like hotcakes because of the following Apple seems to have.  Apple is the piped piper and the customer are the rats. Sorry, that is how I see it.
  • Apple asks White House not to apply tariffs to Mac Pro parts

    Tim Cook has angered a lot of low-end professionals with this overpriced and underpowered Mac Pro entry-level machine. The entry-level iMac Pro has better specs than the Mac Pro. Apple has killed some of the independent professional users by this ridiculous price for the computer and the monitor without a stand. Of course, the cost of the monitor stand is a bit insane. So what can the tariffs do to the price of this ridiculously priced machine but make it more expensive! I believe Apple deserves whatever comes it's way because of their pricing policies. Tim had talked to the President and should have been able to gauge his personality and demeanor towards China. Apple insists on doing business with China despite the economic tug of war. Greed eventually will bite you in the butt! 
  • Apple says fix coming for 'crackling' iPhone 8 audio

    I am glad I did not buy this "quality" product from Apple. There is always a bug or problem with anything new from Apple. For the amount of money customers pay for this "phone" it should work with no problems. This proves that Apple's quality control is non existent. Tim is this what you mean that the iPhone's cost was "value priced for the technology it provides"? Apple should make sure the phone part works, instead of AR or the great camera, which makes this product nothing more than an expensive broken toy. This is a great disappointment.  
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  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    Why would Apple even build MacBooks or iMacs anymore! They will probably build larger screen iPads! Cook has been a fan of the iPad as a computer replacement anyway! It appears that the Apple computer line up will be just a few iPads and iPhones! Mac Pro might still have a Intel Xeon Chips for a brief time but I do not see the pro line up existing but a few years! Apple computers will not exist much longer! All Tim Cook wants is a mobile device environment with limited pro features! Apple wants to go into services as well! It’s all about sales margins! Cook claims innovation but it really is about money! Apple is not dead but will be totally different in a few years!
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    WWDC was a very boring and a major disappointment because no hardware was announced as rumored! I fell asleep watching this 1 1/2 hour of the Craig Federighi stand up comedy audition! I do not trust anything this software engineer claims because anything Apple tries with software always does not work in the beginning until several updates later! Time to look at another computer brand because Apple is going to destroy their already limited line up!
  • Components for first Apple Silicon Macs will cost Apple more, says Kuo

    Of course, the new Apple Silicon computers will cost more! The Intel prices are pretty high but Apple had pay Intel for the processors! Apple pays a license fee to ARM in Japan and pays TSMC to build the chips! It will be more expensive despite everybody dreaming of lower costs! Apple wants everything proprietary and hence perceived control but I believe that will hurt them like it hurt Sony years ago! 

  • Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever

    What did you expect Mr Schiller to say about the Macbook Pro sales. I do not believe a thing anyone from Apple says. Of course they got a lot of orders. It is the newest greatest notebook Apple ever created until the customer returns the unit. Apple sales always tells the customer that we have 2 weeks to test the unit out. I am sure that is what is happening here. None of these Touch Bar units are in the stores yet. How else can the customer see the product. Apple always has a delay in fulfilling these orders. Currently there is a 4 to 5 week delay. This is Apple's way of creating buzz about the Macbook Pro or any other product by manufacturing a false backlog. This is a marketing ploy. What is the most offensive thing Apple has done is raising the prices on these models by $300 to $500 depending on the configuration. A fully loaded Touch Bar 15" MBP can be over $4100. That's is insane. This maybe a great notebook but the Apple tax is just too damn much this time. PC's have comparable units with more choices & configurations. PC's are also cheaper by at least 1/2 to 2/3 of Apple prices.
  • Photos of purported MacBook Pro chassis surface with OLED touch bar slot, four USB ports, no MagSaf

    Apple keeps taking things away for the sake of thinness. No DVD Drive, no SD card reader, no ethernet port and no mag safe power connector. Everything is for the least expensive manufacturing cost. The customers have no flexibility in future upgrades of RAM Hard Drive or battery. I am sure the price will still be a premium despite the lack of equipment Apple used to offer. If this is the future of the Macbook Pro then I will not be getting a new MBP ever. No real innovation here just elimination of ports and devices we used to get.

  • Apple reveals macOS Sierra hardware compatibility list

    Following Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday, Apple posted details about the upcoming macOS Sierra release to its official webpage, noting hardware support going back to the 2009 model year.

    While not yet posted to the macOS preview webpage, a slide presented by SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi during today's keynote reveals Sierra's hardware operating requirements. When it launches this fall, the next-generation macOS will boast compatibility with:

    2009 and later

    • MacBook
    • iMac

    2010 and later

    • MacBook Air
    • MacBook Pro
    • Mac mini
    • Mac Pro

    The newly rebranded macOS comes with a host of new features, not the least of which being integration with Apple's Siri virtual assistant. Previously restricted to iOS devices, Siri on Mac is expected to shift the paradigm of voice control on desktop with support for messaging, file and web searches, Notifications, system status and much more.

    Other enhancements include a new file system built for modern computer equipment, rich Messages, Photos app buffs, Apple Pay for the web and auto unlock via Apple Watch, among numerous under the hood improvements.

    Apple earlier today published a similar compatibility list for iOS 10, the next-generation mobile operating system set to debut this fall. As it stands, iOS 10 can run on hardware powered by second revision A5 system-on-chip silicon, which for iPhone means iPhone 5 and newer. For iPad, Apple is extending support to A5X and newer devices, starting with iPad 2.

    Developers can download both macOS Sierra and iOS 10 today, while a public beta is due for release in July.
    Thanks Apple. Both of my Mac's (2008 Mac Pro and 2008 Macbook Pro) can not use this software. I guess since no hardware updates were announced that I may have to go to a PC and use Windows 10. I will never understand a computer company that does not update their equipment on a regular basis. I am really disappointed with Apple and their lack of motivation.
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