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  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    WWDC was a very boring and a major disappointment because no hardware was announced as rumored! I fell asleep watching this 1 1/2 hour of the Craig Federighi stand up comedy audition! I do not trust anything this software engineer claims because anything Apple tries with software always does not work in the beginning until several updates later! Time to look at another computer brand because Apple is going to destroy their already limited line up!
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    Why would Apple even build MacBooks or iMacs anymore! They will probably build larger screen iPads! Cook has been a fan of the iPad as a computer replacement anyway! It appears that the Apple computer line up will be just a few iPads and iPhones! Mac Pro might still have a Intel Xeon Chips for a brief time but I do not see the pro line up existing but a few years! Apple computers will not exist much longer! All Tim Cook wants is a mobile device environment with limited pro features! Apple wants to go into services as well! It’s all about sales margins! Cook claims innovation but it really is about money! Apple is not dead but will be totally different in a few years!
  • ARM Mac Pro coming sooner rather than later, says Jean-Louis Gassee

    If the Mac Pro becomes the likely candidate for the ARM chips then the apparent upgradeability of the machine would be limited. How many versions of ARM chips will Apple create (8 core, 12 core, 16 core or 28 core)? I do not think this would be economically feasible for the pro-market because Apple will overcharge for these processors as they overcharge for their RAM and other components. This would be a mistake for Apple because they have already priced this machine out of reach for the low-end professionals. The more Apple wants to control its components the more it will hurt the customer because of the greed of Tim Cook's Apple. I am sorry, I have been a long time Apple customer but see the end of the road for me buying any more Apple products because of Apple's apparent unyielding price structure! Macs no more for me!

  • 'Apple Watch Series 6' may introduce blood oxygen detection, better ECG

    It is nice that Apple constantly improves the various functions and apps but not the battery life! 18 hours of charge still does not qualify as an "all-day battery." I do not understand, Apple supposedly has all these great innovative minds but can not build a better battery. Other watch companies like Fit Bit and Garmin have developed batteries that hold up to 5 to 14-day charge. Garmin has even a solar version! What is the problem with Apple other than wanting to overcharge for their products with inferior technology and trying to amaze everyone with their apps which is nice but with crappy battery life? Apple amazes me with their apparent lack of innovation and false claims of great watch sales. I would like to get a titanium version of the Apple Watch but the battery life has stopped me from buying one. Garmin fenix 6 has a titanium version for the same amount of money as Apple's titanium version but better battery life.  Sorry Apple, I know this is not the first time anyone has commented on the apparent weakness of the Apple Watch. It does not matter how pretty you built a house but if the foundation is weak it will still falter! The battery life is the foundation of the watch as far as I am concerned! I know people will call me a troll and whatever. I do not care! Even the Apple salespeople wish for better batter life!
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    It strikes me funny that certain companies have built and are using factories in the USA with no real problems. One such company is BMW. They have their largest car plant in South Carolina. No problems with their products. Apple was building the 2013 version of the Mac Pro in Austin, TX. Why the shift to building the new Mac Pro in China. This is a real screw up by Apple management. Tim Cook even had meetings with Trump to discuss several topics on technology. The stockholders should be screaming at Tim for not being aware or too far trusting of Trump's policies. Apple deserves this kick in the butt. Tim's arrogance should be rewarded with his removal from the CEO position.