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  • Take a stand against the Obama/FBI anti-encryption charm offensive

    Ahh, the '1 post'ers... Where would we be without them? 
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  • Microsoft Surface blamed for NFL football playoffs meltdown

    tezgno said:
    While I can understand bashing the competition... unfortunately, this issue can't be blamed on the Microsoft Surface (or Microsoft at all). As has been reported on (and confirmed by) the NFL before, the issue has nothing to do with the Surface. Rather, it's the NFL's servers and application that went down (hence why it goes down across multiple teams at the same time). The tablet runs an application that connects to NFL servers and pulls in data including pictures, replay information, etc. It is that system that has been going down recently. To be honest, while Microsoft has paid a large sum of money for their tablets to be shown and used, the entire process is technically platform agnostic. They can run the application on anything. Unfortunately, it wouldn't matter which tablet they chose in these cases... if their servers are down, then there is nothing that can be done.
    Aww gee golly gosh! I wonder what operating system is running those backend servers?
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  • Intel splits on Atom after the mobile relevance of x86 whacked by Apple's Ax

    koop said:
    DED's been on a rampage since Apple's quarterly. Getting a little dizzy from all the spin and pom poms.
    Wow. Great response. What else you got?
  • Energy consumption concerns loom over Apple's proposed Irish data center

    apple ][ said:
    One of my dreams is to become so rich that I would be able to take a private jet and fly over to Europe for example, and have dinner, and then fly back home when I'm done eating.

    When I get back home, I will lecture people on how this Planet is doomed, and how everybody needs to do their part in saving the environment. I will claim that all automobiles are evil, and that everybody should only ride bikes in the future. I of course will have my own fleet of limos and super cars, but that's because I need to travel around to eco conferences and lecture the under class on how they should live.

    I will also claim that oil is evil, while at the same time getting funding from middle eastern, oil producing, extremist countries. I might even sell my company to them, for the right price. I'll probably also make a few movies, about some poor polar bears living on a sheet of 2' x 2' ice. If I can't get any real footage to suit my narrative, I'll just CGI the whole damn movie. The idiot public and the intended audience wont really care, so it makes no difference.

    Thank god all you do is sit on your ass and "dream".
    Pleasant dreams.
  • Apple Stores suffering from 'cult' atmosphere, advancement barriers, says UK staffer

    flootist said:
    New poster here, and I promise I'm not a troll. Hello to all. 

    Also new poster but and also a former retail employee.

    I am surprised you did not mention Ron Johnson who was senior vice president of retail operations at the time and gave a video address to retail store employees at every all staff meeting about goals, successes, and new programs.

    I worked in two different stores for 4 years started around 2008. Started in the Midwest and transferred to the New England area. Starting pay varied widely based on region. For example my starting pay was a little over $10 (sales associate) in the midwest but was closer to $14 - $15 when I moved to the New England area with my wife. The pay increase from my move was not a raise but rather to match the pay for that region. The pay rate was much higher than the average in both malls I worked in and was huge attractor to applicants who currently worked in the mall but wanted to start working at the Apple Store.

    I worked as a sales associate for 1 and 1/2 years before moving to the business team for a year, then Creative 1 and 1/2 years. I was on the list of potential candidates for Lead Creative when my wife's job required us to move again and I decided to take a different job in our new state.

    Every store is different but as far as advancement potential all of our Creative staff were promoted from within the sales staff and almost all our Genius staff were the same. One of the genius staff moved on to work for Apple corporate through a program that give retail staff a chance to advance to corporate that began with a 3 month trial which at the end payed for him and his family to move to Cupertino.

    The biggest problem with advancement is the competition. There are a lot of retail employees and you really need to be an outstanding employee to move up. In some office jobs there is an idea that simply being a standard employee for years entitles you to advancement, but at Apple retail you need to prove yourself to earn an advancement which isn't going to work for everyone, especially at stores that have a lot of star employees.

    Again, all stores are different. Both stores I worked at had a lot of young employees, but also a mix of all ages. I would say over half the midwest staff were over 30 and smilier on the East coast. The young employees are the ones that come and go fast so the older ones stuck around and were really appreciated. We even had a staff member who was over 60. I myself was in my 20's during my time at Apple. They didn't hire the younger employees for show, it was because that is who most of the applicants were.

    I think the truth is that working retail is not the best way to get the relevant job experience necessary to work many of the corporate jobs. Like I said above we did have a Genius move from retail to corporate because they have a recruitment program designed specifically to help employees make the jump. If you want to become the regional sales manager for education in your area, then yes retail is a place you could start. But if want to be a software engineer then a retail job at Apple isn't the best path.

    My management always made it clear what the path was for advancement within the retail environment. When I wanted to move from the business team to Creative I told the management staff my desire and they gave me a roadmap of what they expected of me and when openings became available. They also assisted me when I need to transfer to a different state for my spouses work. Quality of management can vary from store to store but one experience with a particular management team is not necessarily a representation of the retail experience.

    I applied for a job with the Geek Squad the exact same time I applied at Apple while living in the midwest. The pay rate was the same. Once again regionally this could be different.
    A factually based, unbiased, post.
    What the hell is that doing here?
  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    Personally, I love the fact that so many Trump trolls use products made by such a left leaning Northern California company.
    (and then they call Apple "hypocritical") LOL
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  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    weathers said:
    I'm not a Trump fan and I am an Apple product user, but I find it ironic that Apple (Tim Cook) doesn't seem to mind selling their products in countries who degrade women and persecute  gays and lesbians. The hypocrisy of either party is getting to ridiculous levels.

    That's because you either don't understand what "irony" means, or else what "hypocrisy" means. Not sure which.
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  • Apple's iPhone is no Blackberry: a closer look at AI and the world's biggest company

    Nothing worse than Business Insider. They are even worse than a British tabloid. (and that's really saying something)
  • Imposters again target NYC Apple Store, pilfer $16,000 in iPhones

    "It is unclear why Apple Stores are falling prey to the employee imposter gambit"

    It's pretty clear. They're falling prey because the scam works and is pretty easy to pull off.
    Why there is not the appropriate form of security in place that would stop, just this kind of scam, is what is not clear.
  • Hillary Clinton's tech platform backs Apple positions on encryption, privacy, innovation, patents,

    I'm, so glad AI has posted this article. I'm sure it will turn around all the Trump Lumps who inhabit these forums, and turn them into Clinton supporters.

    yay.   o:)