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  • China's iPhone-clone Xiaomi defending its valuation after missing sales targets

    sog35 said:
    Xiaomi is just another bullshit pos ponzi scheme company. 

    At the end of 2014 the goal set by Xiaomi was to sell 100,000,000 phones.
    Halfway through the year the goal was lowered to 80,000,000.
    Now the CEO is saying unit sales don't matter.

    I would not be shocked if they sold less phones this year than last. Pathetic. Extra pathetic because Xiaomi is basically giving these phones away for free. They lose money on every single phone they sell. I love that this ripoff copycat company is getting their ass kicked in by Apple and cheap China brands. The CEO even tries to dress like Steve Jobs. I'm shocked the XIaomi CEO didn't do plastic surgery and shave his head to look more like Jobs.

    An absolute joke of a company and last year Wall Street Journal was touting them as the Apple Killer. GTFO.
    Bar yourself from Appleinsider as you said if the Apple share didn't reach $150 at the end of 2015. Be a man to keep your promise.
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  • Apple Music reportedly reaches 10 million paid subscribers in 6 months

    lkrupp said:
    Yet another Apple service declared D.O.A., epic fail, you name it, by AI techie wannabes and experts that somehow succeeded in spite of their dour declarations. Apple Music joins an exclusive club of D.O.A. or failed products and services as predicted by our resident “Apple has lost its way” crowd.

    Apple Watch
    Apple TV
    Apple Music
    Macbook (w/single USB-C port)
    Don't forget about Apple iPad Pro. It seems to become the biggest failure among iPads ~
  • Analyst: Nikkei iPhone 6s supplier story says nothing of iPhone demand; site wrong before in 2013

    Besides other problems that DED has, the title is implies that Nikkei is wrong again. I wonder have you ever been wrong before, DED?

    Previous incorrectness doesn't indicate future incorrectness.

    You should state their incorrect approach for their prediction in the title rather than an implication without any evidence~
  • Amazon's top home audio product this holiday was a turntable, besting an Apple AirPlay-compatible r

    It is kind of interesting to see that Appleinsider editors or website wants Apple dominant everything in the sales world. Even without prominent criticism, everybody understand what the article is about------Amazon cheating! Apple products should be the No.1 sale product.

    Wake up Appleinsider~ This is called company marketing strategy (or conspiracy that probably Appleinisider prefers), if there is one for Apple product in Amazon.

    Appelinsider even stretched about the products in the second and third places. Because Yamaha receiver and Sonos are AirPlay ready so that Appleinsider can imply that Apple products might be the most popular in the sale. However, I see 4K 60p upscale in Yamaha and stream Spotify in Sonos, which is more attract to me personally than AirPlay.

    Also for approach that Amazon used for their marketing, it is none of our business. Everyone can argue that the algorithm is an essential intellectual property for the company. Same thing as those models in the investment banks. This can be applied to the Other Sale (Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats products, and etc) of Apple Products as well. Should we call the Apple cheating as well?

    So stop wailing to grow up, report something really inside the Apple Corp, not outside the Apple or to be defender of the Apple.