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  • Executive leading HealthKit, other software platforms leaves Apple

    I see Cook as the near inevitable transitional post-visionary leader figure in Apple's history as well - it's happened to IBM, to MS, to Ford, etc. - but the fact that the forums have turned into the sog35 turns every article into a referendum on Cook's leadership is making reading them both boring and hard to navigate around his monomania.  

    Maybe AI can just end every article with: "And sog35 will blame every possible negative aspect of this story on Tim Cook."  And let it go without his rants, although, like Trump's tweets, you can't deny he succeeds in making the forum about his agenda.  

    Witness my post here.  I forget as I type what the article was even about for the moment.
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  • Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR orders start December 10

    Tim Cook is bad for Apple.

    Yeah, it's terrible how they've almost gone out of business since he's been running the company, lolz.... ...collapsing stock price, shrinking product lineup, no services strategy....


    I certainly haven't agreed with all of his decisions, and while the Mac line is getting some long-delayed love, it could certainly get more - still, as a follow up to an unfollowable act (Steve Jobs), he's done a truly amazing job all in all, especially when you compare him to those who've followed other charismatic founders.

    I.e., the whole "Tim Cook sucks" routine is getting provably a little old.
  • Apple's 31.6-inch professional display may arrive soon, 17-inch MacBook Pro in early 2021 ...

    It's gonna take that long to fix a keyboard issue that was never broken in the first place 'till they broke it?

    And ANOTHER two years before Apple offers ANY notebook many of feel we can buy with confidence that it'll be usable for us?

    I may have to start looking for the last of the MB Airs before they got caught up in butterfly gate.  And give an Win 10 machine a try.

    Honest, Tim, I've had $3,000 burning a hole in my pocket for over three years now....!  This is getting beyond farcial.  Why has Apple just kept doubling down on the worst KB they've ever offered (worst on multiple dimensions for many of us, though yeah I know, it works for many, noise and all.  But "works for many" should never be Apple's goal.)

  • A year with Apple's 5K iMac: Still the best Mac for your money

    mike54 said:
    I'm waiting for a reasonably priced and spec'd headless mac. I will not buy an all-in one, especially these iMac's as they have serious thermal limitations.
    Is your last name Godot?

    'Cos I imagine your wait is gonna be interminable. 
  • Initial 2018 MacBook Air benchmarks show modest improvement over 2017 MacBook

    I've given up trying to understand Apple's decision-making on portable Macs the last four years.  Anemic performance for $1800 (with 16GB Ram and 512 SDD) and "You VILL like our butterfly keyboard EFFEN IF you don't".....??? Do people like a nice screen and an orangey gold color that much? 

    It does make the 13" MBP more appealing at least, though still not thrilled at the notion of $2899 for the fairly well-equipped with the dead end touch bar and.... ....that Keyboard.  Clackety-clack here I come...??

    Maybe Intel will deliver in 2019 and they'll deliver a less thermally constrained 15" with 32GB of lower power RAM and drain my wallet of $4,000 for a pretty great machine with still challenged input (with a year to show that the KB holds up to the crumb menace). And finally start doing all of those power-needing projects I've been deferring.....

    Still it seems clear that the iOS stuff is getting the real performance love and the most innovative thinking - check how the Geekbench scores on the new iPad Pros absolutely smoke this machine - and even the higher end stuff, and how this is the first time in a while there's only one processor option on a new portable Mac.  But I have a tablet that works fine - and it just sits doing nada.  My phone gives me enough when I'm mobile and don't need real PC class apps and input tools.

    "Geekbench 4 benchmarks have already leaked, revealing the new iPad Pro's processor is nearing the performance of Apple's new 15-inch MacBook Pro, and it's even closer to the performance of the best processor in the 2017 5K iMac. The new iPad Pro actually outperforms the best processor in the 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro, and even the best processor in the 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro."

  • Can Apple's HomePod take on a surround sound theater system?

    Think I can do better on living room sound for $700.  A lot better.  And Siri-schmiry.
  • Compared: buying a 13-inch MacBook Air versus a 13-inch MacBook Pro

    wood1208 said:
    entropys said:
    Your kidding right? For the last six or seven years the MBA has been the most common student laptop. I think I’ve seen one kid with an rMB. In our schools it’s all BYOD.  It’s MBA and then daylight to old Dell pavilions, HPG2 (there was a huge discount a year ago), XPS, Spectres, the occasional MBP, and then a bunch of also rans. Heck Heavy gaming laptops in the school bag are more common than an rMB.
    But at these prices and restricted choice in ports MBA leadership in schools may not, it won’t, stay that way.
    Students will love the new MBA even more, because it is their familiar companion now in a smaller footprint and with a better display. Some of those MBAs you mention were 11” ones and the 12” Macbook now perfectly replaces them. Also MBA was common because it was the only model at that range until the release of 12” Macbook in 2015. Integration is the way Apple goes regarding ports, there is no restriction of port choices. Thunderbolt 3 means PCIe, USB, Ethernet, DisplayPort on a single port. I understand the dongle issue but I believe an integrated port may appeal more to students than a multitude of ports of seldom use. There is nothing in the new MBA that will alienate students, but there are enhancements that will appeal to them. With a PS4 or Xbox at home, with even some desktop PC, an iPhone in their pocket and MBA in their backpack, students are not newcomers to technology.
    13" MBA needs no less than 3 ports(two on left, one or two on right) and more processor power. By doing so, Apple can get away by not offering function keys 13" Macbook Pro upgrades in future. Many who like MBP but don't see much of usefulness for touchbar and feel pain of paying extra for. If Apple ever offers upgraded 13" function keys MBP, than that will sell lot more than equivalent touchbar 13" MBP. Gauranteed.
    Two things kept me away (I was willing to risk that I could adapt to the KB) - the lack of a beefier CPU to power all of that welcome RAM, and the inexplicably stupid decision NOT to offer a 1TB SSD at their overly priced but in my range budget - while at the same time offering a horribly pricey 1.5TB option that simply doesn't seem well suited to the target buyer given the unsuitability for heavy duty work with large files.

    What am I missing in that last decision especially??
  • Kuo: iPhone 11 & Pro having strong launch, Apple will sell 75M iPhones in 2019

    iOS_Guy80 said:

    But, wait ... I thought this year's iPhone was just iterative, not "innovative" enough, and Apple was doomed to failure? What Universe is this????

    And I thought that Apple's design choice for the cameras were too fugly??? Seriously, I'm confused! Who is buying these amazing, fast, powerful, capable phones???
    The same analysts that are downgrading the stock I suspect.
    Buying opportunity.
    Can anyone tell me why Forbes seems to have such a particular grudge against Apple?

    They literally publish negative stories seven days a week most of the time - all predicting doom for the company and its products.

    It's comically bizarre that they maintain a strong readership despite almost never being right. 

    But I have been wondering about the genesis of their super slant. It just seems more than only a click bait journalistic thing....  ....did Steve Jobs once say something nasty about the publisher or what....???
  • iPhone 11 review - the iPhone Apple is trying to sell to everybody

    "....very clearly the device that Apple wants people to buy."

    What they want them to buy....?

    Or what they expect they will buy....??

    Based people's mean, median and modal economic situations... ...I'd guess the latter.

    If they defy expectation and sell 60 million $1200+ Pro Maxes out of 70M+ total, I don't think they'd be overly unhappy....

  • AccountEdge abandons Catalina compatibility, customers looking for alternatives

    Guess I have to hope my 2013 MBA lasts as long as my business. I have 12 years of books in an entire business system based on this app.

    And as the president, owner, CEO and amateur accountant, I'm in no mood to learn a new bookkeeping system, migrate all of my books, and create a whole new work flow in my spare time...

    I got a communication from the company before Catalina came out saying that the program was not going to run on it, but that I could expect a 64 bit replacement not too long in the future.


    Whatever the problems, kinda' pissed I am.