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  • Apple software head Craig Federighi explains iPad's trackpad support

    What... what's that sound? Oh it's Google turning on their xerox machines.
    Why Google? they haven't done anything to make tablets operate like something other than big Android phones in years.

    And attempts to integrate Android and Chrome pretty much ran into a ditch from all I know, so Chrome OS development hasn't been doing much of anything (has it?).

    I would be quite surprised to see Android tabOS. But I expect the Microsoft Surface team is already looking long and hard at this
  • Apple says a common charger would handicap innovation, inflate waste

    Apple is rumored to be eliminating the charging port altogether in 2021 for some models. Their plan is likely to keep lightning ports while the transition occurs, and eventually includes all models.
    That's what I think this response is all about - buying one and possibly two more years of being able to use lightning until the switch to purely portless (no wire) charging.
  • AccountEdge abandons Catalina compatibility, customers looking for alternatives

    Guess I have to hope my 2013 MBA lasts as long as my business. I have 12 years of books in an entire business system based on this app.

    And as the president, owner, CEO and amateur accountant, I'm in no mood to learn a new bookkeeping system, migrate all of my books, and create a whole new work flow in my spare time...

    I got a communication from the company before Catalina came out saying that the program was not going to run on it, but that I could expect a 64 bit replacement not too long in the future.


    Whatever the problems, kinda' pissed I am.
  • Apple TV+ announces biographical docuseries 'Dear...' featuring Oprah, Stevie Wonder, more...

    Under Jony Ive's influence, one of Apple's obsessions which continued long ,after Steve Jobs had passed was thinness over all.

    In Tim Cook's Apple, and it is now Tim Cook's Apple, he seems determined that Apple TV+ will be "high class," in a commercially produced almost PBS kind of way.

    Luckily, while Apple can afford this side trip, TV+ is going to have to evolve if they ever expect the division to add meaningfully to their increasing service revenue - which they're counting on as a future growth enenginew to keep apple....

    ...which is not going to happen as long as too much of the focus is on TV Tim Cook can feel proud of rather than on what will appeal across the broad swath of Apple's key demographics...

    Netflix produces some Emmy quality documentaries, but it's not what they lead with, and it's not their longest and strongest suit.

    But just as the company has (belatedly) begun to come around on taking a Mac users' approach to the Mac division, I suspect they'll come around to a streaming TV service consumer's approach to streaming TV.
  • Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR orders start December 10

    Tim Cook is bad for Apple.

    Yeah, it's terrible how they've almost gone out of business since he's been running the company, lolz.... ...collapsing stock price, shrinking product lineup, no services strategy....


    I certainly haven't agreed with all of his decisions, and while the Mac line is getting some long-delayed love, it could certainly get more - still, as a follow up to an unfollowable act (Steve Jobs), he's done a truly amazing job all in all, especially when you compare him to those who've followed other charismatic founders.

    I.e., the whole "Tim Cook sucks" routine is getting provably a little old.