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  • Mac losing focus of Jony Ive, others in Apple management - report

    if true this would be a shame. I don't doubt it though as Macs have been relegated. Apple should really be releasing new devices every year and commit to the platform. There is too much disparity in their current Mac lineup. So many people are clamoring for a Mac lineup that truly wows. It seems Apple is really more concerned about pushing a mobile OS. Shame. OS X is truly a wonderful environment to work in. Macs are adored by those who use them and their appeal is wide. Neglecting them and refusing to advertise/upgrade/promote the lineup will do a lot of harm to the Apple brand.
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  • Apps & developers hit by day-long Apple CloudKit outage

    nunzy said:
    This sort of thing happens in every server farm. Apple will fix it faster than most other companies.

    Apple never guaranteed 100% absolute uptime with no outages ever.

    This only affects a tiny percentage of Apple's customers.

    Thank god you are in the know I was very worried for a minute. Not sure why they will fix this faster than most companies as you provided no evidence to why. And according to the article this seems to be affecting lots of people. I mean over a billion active devices in the wild so possible hundreds of millions of issues? Im a big fan of their products but shamelessly rushing to their defense without any evidence kinda makes you look like a fanboi.
  • Leaked safety document may hint at future Apple technology such as AR glasses

    sog35 said:
    ok. sounds neat.

    Talking about acquistions. Apple should buy Shopify for $15 billion.  
    WAT? Nobody is talking about acquisitions. And no, they shouldn't. That makes absolutely no sense. That's like saying they should also buy Pintrest. Since that is just as useless to their overall model.
  • EU lays antitrust charges against Google over locking in Android apps and features

    Im no fan of how Google generates revenue. But the EU is constantly sticking its neck into realms that it probably shouldn't. in this case Google is right. They develop Android, and should have a very strong say as to what can be done with it. Using Android is completely volunteer so I don't see how this is a legitimate gripe with phone OEMs. if you don't like the rules make your own OS and market it. otherwise, resolve your beef with Google directly. if someone wants to choose a different search engine then they need to follow the steps to make changes or download Apps that allow them to bypass google's search. If they don't like that because it limits some functionality of the OS, too bad. Go use another OS or live with the workaround. Google does not owe anyone an apology for their business model. Google's only real stream of revenue is Ad sales, so no wonder they try and dominate the home screens with THEIR search. I cant blame them for that. Concerning some of the other complaints about how Google treats search results, thats another story, and it sounds like there are very legitimate gripes about that. But in this world you need to pay to play. Isn't my favorite model, but its Google's and they are free to make that decision IMO.
  • Apple invention details deep Siri integration with Messages

    I echo the comments above. I want SIRI to work well because I can see it being mroe useful if it did. I have an Apple watch, 2 iphones, tv and ipad and macbooks/imac and unless Im yelling at siri it often times doesn't respond. "Hey Siri" is awkward because I don't begin sentences with the word Hey. Alexa is a more natural word and lets me have a conversation rather than saying something awkward and waiting for my UI to pop up. Getting tired if it really and its truly limiting my appreciation of the tech. While Alexa is limited its still more responsive and the UI interaction is better.