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  • Facebook considers telling users enabling tracking keeps app 'free of charge'

    I joined Facebook in 2006, back when it was a completely different experience. Finally left all of their platforms in 2020 and never looked back. My mental health has been significantly better since.
  • Apple fires leader of #AppleToo movement

    Some of these recent firings, like this one and Ashley Gjøvik’s case, sure looks like pretenses to get rid of employees who have been too vocal about issues at Apple. It’s not a good look. 

  • Advertisers flee to Android as majority of iOS users opt out of ad tracking

    Why do you continue to describe as a "controversial feature" something that should have been there since day one, which is asking people consent with how their data is used?
  • Apple execs explain why you should use Apple Maps over competitors

    If you live in one of the cities where Apple Maps has been updated with all that great UI in iOS 15, then yes - it's very good. The app overall has come a long way since the days where it would route you to a dead end. Public transit directions are also better in Apple Maps, at least in Portland, San Fran and Seattle where I've used them.

    I still have some frustrations with Apple Maps, but far less so than in past years:
    - Turn-by-turn navigation in Car Play is laggy, especially in situations where you need be in the correct lane from 4 intersections ahead or you'll never make your turn in heavy traffic. I find the app routinely reacting more slowly to reflect the turn and update the street than Google Maps does in Car Play - I would have turned already and made it 20 yards into the new street then Apple Maps would show it. 
    - The lack of offline maps makes the app unusable to me anywhere outside metro areas. The PNW is characterized by vast rural areas in the east of Washington and Oregon where cell service is spotty and sometimes even gas stations are 50 miles apart. Google Maps solves the issue with offline maps, what's taking Apple so long? Related, map quality just isn't up to par in rural areas, and that makes is very hard to use Apple Maps on road trips even when cell service is fine. I just still have anxiety it will route me to the wrong place outside the city. 

    Other than those two, of course the other one is collaboration on shared lists, especially with friends who just won't abandon Android! :) 
  • Apple launches new Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic CPU, redesigned Siri remote

    Not sure that "the remote doesn't absolutely suck now" is compelling enough to justify paying $179 over my current, already overpriced AppleTV 4K.
  • Tim Cook saw big money in App Store ads, shot down early resistance

    When the focus shifts from "let's make the best possible product for the customer" to "let's squeeze out any possible revenue we can from the monopoly we have with the App Store" - you're doing it wrong. "Steve Jobs would have never allowed this" is now a cliche, but....Steve Jobs would have never allowed this.
  • Apple is 'ungodly well-managed,' says Berkshire Hathaway vice chair

    Does anyone remember the days when you had to wait for weeks before your iPhone arrived? And that was not a time when Apple was selling millions of units per month, globally. The discipline Cook brought to Apple’s supply chain and operations is remarkable. There is no way the company would have become the juggernaut it is today without his leadership. 
  • Apple's iTunes Pass is now rebranded as 'Apple Account Card' for iOS 15.5 users

    If you like me have separate App Store and iCloud accounts, it doesn’t let you use this. 
  • Apple hits back at Facebook, says new iOS 14 ad tracking rules provide user choice

    “We believe Facebook and others should not be able to track everything you do and turn YOU into a product without your knowledge and consent.” 

    Not hard to see the rationale. 
  • Netflix to end password sharing in early 2023

    If they wanted to crack down on password sharing, they should have done it when they were running high during COVID, not three years later when there are half a dozen solid competitors available. This will hasten the exodus of users.