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  • Apple issued government warning over repair, replacement practices in New Zealand

    avon b7 said:
    nunzy said:
    New Zealand is being unfair to Apple. If anybody knows how to take care of its customers, it is Apple.
    New Zealand is not being unfair to Apple. These laws apply to all companies. Flouting them (through ignorance or deliberately) will lead to this kind of action.

    Apple has a long history of trying to flout EU consumer law with its selling practices of AppleCare for mobile devices. It is a repeat offender, and AFAIK, never challenges consumer protection demands because it has known from the outset that, in the training phase of store employees and the wording of online marketing, it was misleading purchasers. I think it has had its house in order for a couple of years now although they tried to sell me AppleCare when I bought the iPhone 6 using the same tactics that consumer groups were complaining about.

    When I pointed out that the two year coverage the guy was trying to 'sell' me was already included in my statutory consumer rights, he gave a wry smile and conceded I was right but said he had the obligation to offer it to me anyway.
    They were fined about a million euros in Italy a few years ago for doing exactly that - charging customers for coverage that they were already legally entitled to.
  • Google's Pixel 3 is a third strike for hapless HTC and LG

    This article is looking at Google through an Apple lens rather than a Google one. Pixel is just one element in Google's mobile strategy. They make more money by getting their services into the hands of more people - whether they are using a Pixel, a Galaxy, an iPhone, a desktop or a home device. The Pixel phones are ugly as anything on the market but they focus on bringing the standard of camera right up and providing a platform to showcase their services. If this drives all of their Android partners to work harder then Google wins. Apple makes money from hardware sales, Google makes it from eyeballs and ears. Also, I don't think you can say that Google has failed in hardware. Chromecasts, Nest, and Home devices are all incredibly successful. Google's business model doesn't require it to make a profit on the hardware, it's a channel for its services and advertising.
  • There is no difference between how Apple is handling Roger Stone's or the San Bernardino s...

    debohun said:
    But should there have been a difference? Drawing an absolute moral equivalency between all crimes (White color crime equaling mass murder in your example case), only makes Apple (and AppleInsider) appear to be a pandering partisan corporation. What next, handing information over to the government for parking tickets? So much for thinking different. 
    I'm guessing you only read the headline?
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  • Apple's iPhone X delivered a KO punch to cheap Androids: Q1 smartphone demand slumped glob...

    A whole analysis on prices and not a mention of the USD tanking over the last year vs major currencies. In Europe, if you bought a phone for the same price today as you did a year ago, it'd look like you bought a 20% more expensive phone in USD.
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  • Google, Facebook under investigation in UK for abusing market power

    You won't find me on any social media site as I think they are all a total waste of time. All you do is expose your life so that advertisers can try to sell you more tat that you don't need and probably can't afford. Welcome to the machine people!
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  • Editorial: Could Apple's lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear?...

    There are two different business models that seem to be getting blended into one in this article. "Good-enough gear" could arguably apply to midrange phones or if you think they are below the bar set by Apple, then flagships of Samsung and Huawei. They do 90% of the job of an iPhone and I assume most people on here would agree with that, it's the extra 10% that they are will to pay a 30% premium for.

    Then there's the second business model of getting gear/services out to their users before they are ready. This is where the Fold fits in. This isn't some good enough product at a discount, it's new form factor at a premium. Apple wouldn't put such a device on the market until it's better but Samsung will and hopefully the early adopters realise that.

    These editorials always seem to suggest that Apple's way is the right way but the world is better having both types of companies. It's not a zero sum game, technology keeps going up every time any tech company releases something new a bit flaky or something old but better.
  • Editorial: Amidst cries for a cheaper HomePod, Amazon now has a higher-end Echo

    I guess it depends on the size of the place where you live, what you do/listen to in each room, and how you like to move about your house. I don't always carry my phone with me, I don't like to wear a watch at home so I'm happy to have the option to buy smaller, cheaper speakers for rooms where I don't listen to music and better, larger speakers for rooms where I do. Amazon now gives you that choice.
  • Microsoft takes on AirPods with $249 Surface Earbuds

    MacPro said:
    Apple, the tech world's R&D department.
    More like the tech world's marketing department. Wireless buds existed before Apple "invented" them but no one was buying them.
  • Editorial: WSJ Jony Ive story scoffed at by Apple experts, delicious to critics

    doctwelve said:
    Daniel, I really want these editorials off Appleinsider .... and on a less Apple-centric site. I send links to your editorials to my PC/Android friends, but I wish you had a bigger voice in the tech writing world. Another great piece. 
    They are usually too long and ranty to make it onto any other site. They'd need to be heavily edited before anyone that only has a passing interest in Apple would read them right through.
  • Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box will coordinate your lights with the television

    Is the decimal point in the wrong place? $300?!?! That is insane