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  • Editorial: Could Apple's lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear?...

    There are two different business models that seem to be getting blended into one in this article. "Good-enough gear" could arguably apply to midrange phones or if you think they are below the bar set by Apple, then flagships of Samsung and Huawei. They do 90% of the job of an iPhone and I assume most people on here would agree with that, it's the extra 10% that they are will to pay a 30% premium for.

    Then there's the second business model of getting gear/services out to their users before they are ready. This is where the Fold fits in. This isn't some good enough product at a discount, it's new form factor at a premium. Apple wouldn't put such a device on the market until it's better but Samsung will and hopefully the early adopters realise that.

    These editorials always seem to suggest that Apple's way is the right way but the world is better having both types of companies. It's not a zero sum game, technology keeps going up every time any tech company releases something new a bit flaky or something old but better.
  • Samsung, Huawei getting close to iPhone, spending on camera hardware to get there

    The experience on iOS is far superior. 

    The lack of problems and freezing is what makes iPhone great. 

    My mon has a seven, and it's still blazing fast!

    I can't speak for Huawei but flagship Samsung phones don't freeze. They might have burned in the past but freezing is not a problem. I have an S8 which isn't much newer than your mother's seven and have had zero problems with it.
  • Apple Music subscription reduced in India in response to Spotify and YouTube Music launche...

    tipoo said:
    Damn, 99INR is only 1.91 Canadian dollars, if that's sustainable and profitable in India it just goes to show how high services margins are in the western world. 
    It's hard to believe it's sustainable in the short term. It reminds me of Bill Gates talking about rampant piracy in China, "As long as they're going  to steal it, we want them to steal ours. " If Apple can get a few tens or even hundreds of millions subscribing in India for basically nothing, sooner or later they'll get a return.
  • Apple's Tim Cook calls sports a 'great unifier' in call to ESPN

    Ugh. Sports is a great scam. A bunch of wealthy people getting richer while people cheer for logos while the players are switched out. Often promised fame. But one injury and those players are sidelined and left with bills and no figure. 
    Says the non-sports fan. I don't cheer for a logo, I cheer for a team, players, and a place with which I have a connection. 
  • Behind-the-scenes feature shows how Apple Watch has veered away from high fashion

    Apple is becoming a victim of its own success. Having an iPhone in your pocket is one thing but when people are all walking around with the same watch and airpods sticking out of their ears, it does look a little like 1984. I'd hope that they'd have a little more flexibility with designs when they do eventually release a pair of glasses considering most of the hardware should be independent of the lenses and frames, unlike on a watch face.