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  • Steve Wozniak suggests Tesla, not Apple, will create the next successful tech moonshot

    if steve thinks tesla is so great, then why is he doing radio commercials for Chevy?
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  • T-Mobile and AT&T partner to battle robocalls

    SHJAKEN/STIR is a new upcoming feature of iOS 1`3,. as reported earlier
  • Leaked Senate encryption bill called 'ludicrous, dangerous' by security experts

    in 2011 there were 489 million personal wifi routers being used in america. most of these routers all use 256 bit military grade encryption, called "wpa2 aes". and unlike iPhones, use a "rolling" key which by default changes every hour. at 3pm your wifi group key may be 3pW[+NrI$e8K1.1Qd[hYOX_P#I and at 4pm your wifi group key may be 9J@Z@AUnDgk=qVnS!N~6VX^E2vE(9Z)w these keys are disposable and never used again. if someone brute forces your wifi, they have to brute force each time interval separately. and because of this, i believe the senate should force link sys, acer, netgear to keep our temporary disposable keys on file to help the fbi investigate cyber crimes!!!! doesn't that just sound ludicrous ?? so how come wifi gets a get out of jail free card, but apple and google doesn't ? i think wpa2-aes is stopping the fbi form eavesdropping and requires a chip. its only fair if apple has to do it. not even the iPhone or the worst 4096 bit windows ransom ware uses disposable rolling keys.
  • How to find your saved Wi-Fi network password stored in your Mac's Keychain

    a better article would of been make sure you erase your pram when you sell your mac , because thats another place where macs store wifi passwords. try it sometime.
    erase your hard disk completely, and do an internet restore , and it will connect to your wifi!! and if you do a pram reset, it will then ask you for the login credentials because
    they were erased!!!

    as far as mongo bongos reply goes. need more info. maybe youre talking about the hash????

    when you connect to a wifi network , its not really the password that connects you to the wifi network. its the mathematical hash of the wifi password combined with your network name (ssid ) . for example, a wifi network name of appleinsider, and a password " appleinsiderpassword ", generates a hash of " e70f772ac2efd170dc485b19f19ac9a237cdbfbdc816a402fd5a3d9b08a94c52 " and its that hexicimal string that actually connects you to the wifi network. 

    this is why you don't use common SSID names like "NETGEAR" because those hash tables are available or download

    the hash as i call it, is actually called the PRE SHARED KEY. the preshared key can be used as the password. if someone asks you for your wifi password, give them the key instead. and it will work. i use PSKs all the time, because it saves me from typing special characters 

  • iPhone XS eSIM working for some German owners with iOS 12.1 beta

    No United States carrier supports esim. It’s not turned on yet ! Is it enabled In the beta?

    ive been preordering and buying iPhones for years now and it’s obvious to me that Apple can not enable the esim for 30 to 90 calendar days of the iPhone launch because the carriers won’t alllow it.  Whenever an iPhone comes out you have to wait 30 to 90 or so calendar days for the sim free to come out, and this time the sim free was out on day one. That’s why I’m thinking there’s a delay on the esim 

    the unlocked iPhone or Verizon model  is not the same as the sim free, because the carriers will tell you that your iPhone is not compatible. I think it was the iPhone 7 that took a whole year for AT&T to finally agree to accept your imei , because they were only accepting band 30 models 

    In my opinion it’s the carrier exclusivity period after a iPhone launch that stopped the esim from being enabled. 

    i will go so far as saying that apple can’t activate the esim until November 30

  • Leaked Senate encryption bill called 'ludicrous, dangerous' by security experts

    the average person believes their wifi password is used to directly encrypt wifi traffic. the average person believes the underlying encryption is stronger if you use a 25 character password versus an 8 character password. this is not true!!!!! the actual network traffic is encrypted using a 256 bit key that changes every hour. all your password does is tell the router you are okay to get the current key
  • One cable to rule them all: a look at Apple's retired connectors through the years

    Pata had a problem where you could only have 4 hard disk devices. Each pair of hard disks took up an IRQ. And the host of course has to do the transfers. so accessing your hard disk steals attention from the cpu

    scisi supported a chain of up to 15 devices and it only used one IRQ. And the hard disks can move data between each other without the CPU being involved. 

    IRQs back in the old days were very precious. if your computer had a printer , a sound card , a modem , and a mouse. Well that was it. u had no more room for any more devices.  Maybe you could throw in additional cards that don't use IRQs

    the IBM PC AT gave you more IRQs. But you really only had irq 9 free. And that was used for your video card 

    you young kids that build your own computers don't know the pain
  • Microsoft found a man named 'Mac Book' to tout Surface Laptop 2

    did anyone watch the Grant Amato trial?? the state of Florida seized his Surface Pro. they could not remove the disk drive from the unit to clone it. they ended up cloning the disk using something called paladin. this resulted in an encrypted file system which could not of been read. but since they had the original Surface, they were able to retrieve the decryption key by " using the command line " !!!! apparently Grant's surface did not have apple's Touch ID or T2 security chips. he was convicted yesterday of murdering his family over a web cam girl
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  • Apple Card Monthly Installments plan allows users to buy an iPhone straight from the Apple...

    TomPMRI said:
    There is a major loophole with the Apple Card Installment Program. It cannot be used when buying an unlocked iPhone...only with carrier activation. I have always bought unlocked phones for maximum flexibility and to use prepay cellular plans.  I uncovered this when configuring an iPhone 11 Pro on the Apple Store app.   I am very disappointed with how this program has been promoted by Apple.

    I think this is why the program has not been extended to any other product. 

    Well. That just ruined it for me. I was actually wondering if I should go for it. No way am I getting a locked iPhone.