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  • T-Mobile and AT&T partner to battle robocalls

    SHJAKEN/STIR is a new upcoming feature of iOS 1`3,. as reported earlier
  • iPhone XS eSIM working for some German owners with iOS 12.1 beta

    No United States carrier supports esim. It’s not turned on yet ! Is it enabled In the beta?

    ive been preordering and buying iPhones for years now and it’s obvious to me that Apple can not enable the esim for 30 to 90 calendar days of the iPhone launch because the carriers won’t alllow it.  Whenever an iPhone comes out you have to wait 30 to 90 or so calendar days for the sim free to come out, and this time the sim free was out on day one. That’s why I’m thinking there’s a delay on the esim 

    the unlocked iPhone or Verizon model  is not the same as the sim free, because the carriers will tell you that your iPhone is not compatible. I think it was the iPhone 7 that took a whole year for AT&T to finally agree to accept your imei , because they were only accepting band 30 models 

    In my opinion it’s the carrier exclusivity period after a iPhone launch that stopped the esim from being enabled. 

    i will go so far as saying that apple can’t activate the esim until November 30

  • Apple disputes claims of iOS 'vulnerability' to brute force passcode hack

    this should be relatively easy to test

    parts list
    IBM PC AT or compatible w/ 16550 Uarts
    a copy of procomm plus 2.42
    Serial To HID Keyboard Converter Cable ($99 - HIDMDB9USBA-3E )
    usb gender changer ( F to F )
    usb to lightning cable 

    you don't want to use a modern desktop pc , because you want to be retro
    going off the usb port probably be like software emulation of a serial port etc , you want to be as pure as possible 

    wikipedia says that a ps/2 keyboard operates between 7 to 12kbps , so 9600 should be okay

    the 16550 uart is mandatory , if you use an older computer with a 8 bit uart, you might have problems sending/ receiving at 9600 baud
    going over 9600 on an older uart might drop characters 

    9600 baud is the fastest that this particular cable will support. you might be able to find that is 128k bps or better yet parallel but i wouldnt know how off hand to send characters down the printer port

    so what you do is when you load up procomm  and whatever DOS you have, and you either upload an ascii file of 0000 to 9999 to the adapter using 9600 N 8 1 to the iPhone with 4 digit pin numbers, and if this person's claim is true, then you should be able to replicate his claim. you could also use any number of terminate and stay resident programs or word processors  to make your own keyboard macros as well. 

    i believe a keyboard macro would be faster then sending an ascii file. 

    something else to test

    if this persons claim that a keystrokes cause the iPhone to stop doing all over tasks is true. then holding down a key on an external keyboard should also cause the iPhone to completely STOP what its doing. because thats how it was on the ibm clones. 

    back in the old days we had 8 interrupts max. when the pc at came out we had 16 , we now have 255 ??? i highly doubt the iPhone has a low number of interrupts. 

    regardless if you send it 10000 keystrokes all at once , or hold one key down for infinity, if the persons claim is true about interrupts , then the iPhone should come to a complete stop and not do any other tasks at all

  • How to find your saved Wi-Fi network password stored in your Mac's Keychain

    a better article would of been make sure you erase your pram when you sell your mac , because thats another place where macs store wifi passwords. try it sometime.
    erase your hard disk completely, and do an internet restore , and it will connect to your wifi!! and if you do a pram reset, it will then ask you for the login credentials because
    they were erased!!!

    as far as mongo bongos reply goes. need more info. maybe youre talking about the hash????

    when you connect to a wifi network , its not really the password that connects you to the wifi network. its the mathematical hash of the wifi password combined with your network name (ssid ) . for example, a wifi network name of appleinsider, and a password " appleinsiderpassword ", generates a hash of " e70f772ac2efd170dc485b19f19ac9a237cdbfbdc816a402fd5a3d9b08a94c52 " and its that hexicimal string that actually connects you to the wifi network. 

    this is why you don't use common SSID names like "NETGEAR" because those hash tables are available or download

    the hash as i call it, is actually called the PRE SHARED KEY. the preshared key can be used as the password. if someone asks you for your wifi password, give them the key instead. and it will work. i use PSKs all the time, because it saves me from typing special characters 

  • How to backup, wipe and restore your Mac before selling it

    tyler82 said:
    Shouldn't you zero out the data when formatting the drive?

    If you are using file vault and erase the hard disk using a single pass and you erase the pram, the Mac loses its 256 bit encryption  key
    and what's left behind is good as erased using current technology. Heh. itd probably faster to encrypt the hard disk, erase it, and lose the key then it is to sit there while Mac OS X makes 3 or more passes on a mechanical disk. Plus on a ssd , Mac won't let you do more then one pass anyway 

    The possible combinations of a lost 255 but key is 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457
    584007913129639936. You know, your wifi router changes its 256 bit key every hour. So you can say wifi is higher security then your hard disk