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  • Apple's 9.7-inch 'iPad Pro' to bring flagship glory back to full-size form factor

    Firstly I'm all for a 9.7" iPad Pro, but, and here's the but....it should come in to replace the 18 month old iPad Air 2 and should be at the same price-point.  iPad sales are declining and by bringing in a new model into the lineup that is a higher cost, won't make a difference.

    Apple need to reduce the options available to the consumer and keep the price point at a decent yet not too expensive level.

    I hope they introduce this new model at the 9.7" iPad Pro to sit alongside the 12.9" iPad Pro.  They should have very similar specs and should both have the 32Gb and 128Gb models only.  In addition to this, they should remove the iPad Air from the lineup and reduce the price of the Air 2 by $100 like they normally do every year.  This will mean they need to reduce the cost of the Mini prices as well.

    I hope it ends up looking like this:
    12.9" iPad Pro starting at $799
    9.7" iPad Pro starting at $499
    9.7" iPad Air 2 starting at $399
    7.9" iPad Mini 4 starting at $299
    7.9" iPad Mini 2 starting at $229

    If they don't do something like this and bring out the new 9.7" iPad Pro at $599 then at current prices, that the same price as the 64Gb 9.7" iPad Air 2.....I just don't see that working.  People will continue to buy smaller iPads with the Mini 4 and Mini 2.
  • Hands on: Apple targets the mainstream with new iPhone SE

    We have all been waiting on the smaller form iPhone to return and it has with the SE.  The most surprising thing is the price of the phone.....so cheap.  I can see them selling loads of these.  They will certainly be very very popular.  The specifications of the SE are very good as well.  Surprised that they have effectively put a 6S in a 5S casing, removed a few things, but have made it significantly cheaper than the 6.  I fully expect the 6 and 6Plus to disappear in September when the iPhone 7 is released.  Their sales will severely go down over the coming months because of the SE.

    This will be even more interesting in September when the new iPhone is announced.  Will then reduce the cost even further?  I reckon at most, they may drop $50 off the price and get shot of the 6 and 6Plus, thus allowing the 6S and 6SPlus to be discounted $100.

    Apple domination ahead.....
  • Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro

    AI2xxx said:

    Apple's original 12.9 inch iPad Pro ... but now the same power and capabilities are available in a more compact, highly mobile package for $200 less.

    GFXBench 3.0 - Manhattan Offscreen:

    iPad Pro 12.9 (Metal) - 5017 Frames (80.9 FPS)
    iPad Pro 9.7 (Metal) - 3117 Frames (51.1 FPS)
    iPad Air 2 (Metal) - 2695 Frames (43.8 FPS)

    Source: https://gfxbench.com/result.jsp
    I have never understood the need to show Offscreen results for GFXBench in discussions like these.  If we are wanting to show real world cases for each product, then we need to only take into consideration the Onscreen results.  Seeing as the larger Pro has to run at a larger screen resolution, the frames take a hit, se below:

    GFXBench 3.0 - Manhattan Onscreen:

    iPad Pro 12.9 (Metal) - 2147 Frames (34.6 FPS)
    iPad Pro 9.7 (Metal) - 2219 Frames (35.8 FPS)
    iPad Air 2 (Metal) - 1910 Frames (30.8 FPS)

    The new iPad Pro 9.7 comes out ahead due to the smaller screen/resolution.