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  • Apple fires back in Epic Games 'Fortnite' saga, seeks damages for breach of contract

    dpkroh said:
    Every comment here seems to miss the point.

    The App Store is NOT just another business, Even Walmart and Costco have far more competitors than does the App Store.  The app store is the ONLY choice for people with iPhones. The only quasi alternative here would be an Android App Store.  Are those very similar choices ?  Practically every Apple lover here would argue “no, the Apple experience is far superior”.  This is much different than being able to buy the very same identical TV at a large number of different retailers, as some have suggested.

    The ultimate goal of capitalism is to become so successful, as to destroy the free market by eliminating and preventing all competition. Let that sink in because most people can’t grasp that at first,  Once again, the end goal of capitalism is to destroy free markets, and create an all powerful, monopoly or all powerful, duopoly. That destroys consumer choice, which is the very goal of a free market, People often assume capitalism and free markets go hand in hand, and generally they do.... until a business grows so big that it is no longer subject to competition because it can or has effectively destroyed it,

    That’s the very point of anti-trust law.  To prevent the destruction of free markets,

    There is a price to be paid for total success and rightly so. Once a company becomes so successful that it has essentially destroyed competition, the checks and balances of a free market are destroyed. Either the company is forcibly broken up in a way that restores a level of free market control or it becomes subject to regulations as a substitute for the loss of free market checks and balances.

    is the App Store a monopoly or even just a duopoly? The argument for the latter is strong, and for the latter is almost certain,

    The real question here is do you support free markets, defined as markets that encourage healthy competition for the benefit of consumers ?  If so, you can’t argue that Apple should be allowed to do whatever it wants, because Apple created the App Store. As you cheer on Apple becoming a 2 trillion dollar company, remember that you are also cheering the end of a truly functional free market for mobile apps.

    The United States has become a poster child for massive inequality in developed countries and is getting worse.  That “American Dream” that is all but gone, was strong after world war 2.  The reason the American dream was reborn was the Sherman Act.... powerful anti trust law that broke up large corporate Robber Barons, like Rockefeller.  Forcing the breakup of too large and powerful corporations after world war 2 is what brought back the American dream and decades of shared prosperity.

    So the larger question here is do you want to worship the control of monopolistic corporations that have grown to destroy free markets, or do you want to see the American dream restored, where the free market ensures maximum productivity and a fair chance for everyone to share in that prosperity ?

    "The app store is the ONLY choice for people with iPhones." . . . . . .  You miss or ignore the point that using an iPhone is the user's choice to make. People are not compelled to use an iPhone. Go Android!  I choose an iPhone because I want a walled in app store that preserves the security of my device. I have never,  and likely will never "game" on my phone.  To have a gamer company compromise my phone's security is not right.
  • Epic Games vs Apple trial, verdict, and aftermath - all you need to know

    OK excuse me while I descend into simplistic and crass internet trolling.  Sweeney looks a whole lot like the cartoon apple in their parody of the Apple 1984 ad, same glasses,  same pointy chin.
  • First Touch Bar MacBook Pro models will become vintage on July 31

    I don't quite understand Apple's declaring models vintage.  I have a 2011   11"MacBook Air, i7 processor, and it's still a remarkably usable computer. The cam has failed for whatever reason, but otherwise it's performance is more than adequate for my light duty tasks. And to be quite honest I find it's High Sierra operating system less buggy and more convenient than the Mojave OS on my M1 MacBook Pro.