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  • First Touch Bar MacBook Pro models will become vintage on July 31

    I don't quite understand Apple's declaring models vintage.  I have a 2011   11"MacBook Air, i7 processor, and it's still a remarkably usable computer. The cam has failed for whatever reason, but otherwise it's performance is more than adequate for my light duty tasks. And to be quite honest I find it's High Sierra operating system less buggy and more convenient than the Mojave OS on my M1 MacBook Pro.
  • Epic Games vs Apple trial, verdict, and aftermath - all you need to know

    OK excuse me while I descend into simplistic and crass internet trolling.  Sweeney looks a whole lot like the cartoon apple in their parody of the Apple 1984 ad, same glasses,  same pointy chin.
  • New 16-inch MacBook Pro review: More power & more convenience for more money

    OMG! a notch on the 16 inch screen!  :o      Seriously, it the notch on my iPhone took up the same screen space percentage wise, as it does on this laptop, I would hardly notice it.
  • Apple in talks with San Jose over homeless encampment on its undeveloped land

    Meanwhile three multi billionaires are having their own little private space race.
    We need to go back the tax structure that was in place during the Eisenhower administration.  The economic playing field needs to be tilted towards the bottom, not the top. If we did, those at the top would still be at the top and "filthy rich", but the country they live in, the USA would be politically more stable and a look less like a third world nation. A democracy is far healthier when wealth and power is more widely distributed and in the hands of many rather than the hands of the few, as in the 0.001%.
    Call out to you Fox "News" types, this does not make me a socialist or communist or Marxist. Markets are powerful and useful  forces and absolutely are a good thing, but just like fission reactions, combustion, or even horses, they must be harnessed and directed, or they run wild and kill people.  Government owning and operating the means of production is just as bad or worse than our current oligarchic plutocratic capitalism. The USA needs to ask itself exactly what kind of free enterprise system that it sets up, should it be more egalitarian or ultra elitist as it is now?

  • Advertisers flee to Android as majority of iOS users opt out of ad tracking

    1.   HA haaaaa.......

    2.  This makes me want Android more than ever.......not.