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  • 20 Years of iMac: Steve Jobs iconic internet machine that courageously reinvented Apple

    Unless I missed it in the article, the iMac didn't actually ship until 8/15/1998. I still remember that day. The CompUSA I was working at sold 37 of them in one day, which was unheard of for any computer, let alone a Mac.
  • Apple's Atlantic City store to close, displacing 52 workers

    lkrupp said:
    So the slow implosion begins with a single store closure. Since Steve died it’s only been a matter of time. Innovation is dead, vision is dead, the rotting corpse is uncovered. Doomsday approaches and no one will shed a tear. The king is dead, long live Samsung! 

    Sincerely yours,

    The Troll Army

    Your sarcasm wan't very good.
  • Apple shakes up retail workforce with new and renamed job titles, other changes

    I'm always amused when someone predicts that Apple is, once again, dying, when they announce anything! The ad nauseam repetitions of "they're done innovating," and " it's not the same since Steve left," and "the end is near" are the hysterical whining of armchair quarterbacks who haven't got a clue as to what actually goes into running one of the still most profitable companies in the world, which still does more dollar per square foot sales than any other retailer, period! I've been fortunate enough to get 69 rides around the sun, and the last ten of them were working for the best retailer I've ever been associated with, bar none! Apple is a very demanding company to work for; it's not for the slackers (and they don't stay long, in any event, either because they can't handle it and leave on their own, or they're shown the door), but if one wants to put in the time and effort to grow and learn, job security, better pay than almost all retail, good benefits, and a damn great group of people to work with, make it all worthwhile. I recently retired from one of their fruit stands, and it was a fantastic way to end over 50 years of a varied work life!
  • Apple rakes in $62.9B in revenue on sales of 46.9M iPhones in record-breaking September qu...

    Am I the first one to say "they're going out of business soon?" lol