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  • Apple rakes in $62.9B in revenue on sales of 46.9M iPhones in record-breaking September qu...

    Am I the first one to say "they're going out of business soon?" lol
  • Steve Jobs, Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes, and when the 'reality distortion field' fails

    Great reporting; now I don't have to buy the book.
  • Apple's Atlantic City store to close, displacing 52 workers

    lkrupp said:
    So the slow implosion begins with a single store closure. Since Steve died it’s only been a matter of time. Innovation is dead, vision is dead, the rotting corpse is uncovered. Doomsday approaches and no one will shed a tear. The king is dead, long live Samsung! 

    Sincerely yours,

    The Troll Army

    Your sarcasm wan't very good.
  • Apple's latest diversity figures show static global gender balance, more US progress

    teonyc said:
    Curious how many people they have over the age of 40.

    As someone who worked at Apple retail starting at age 57 (the second time; the first was at 52), I worked with a very diverse group, including at least a half dozen over the age of 50, and one fellow who had retired from somewhere else and worked there until last year, when he retired at 75. Many of the managers in our store were over 40 also. I retired last year, at the age of 69, and I thought about going back, part-time, but the repercussions of a serious accident keeps me from doing that.
  • President-elect Trump considers potential Apple manufacturing in US a 'real achievement'

    Trump is playing to his base, a large portion of which don't have a clue as to how the economy works, and want simple answers to very complex problems. The factories that churn out millions upon millions of iThis and iThat are already up and running in other countries. Does anyone really believe that Apple is going throw away its investments in the partners that have made them rich? Apple doesn't own these factories, in any event; they're owned by their suppliers, and anyone who thinks Foxconn, one of the primary makers of the iPhone, is going to suddenly say "Hey, I have an idea! Let's shut down our factories in China, let go of over a million employees (yes, they have that many), spend millions in researching new regulations in a foreign country, spend billions on a new plant(s), retrain new employees, and make less profit, just because Donald Trump promised his gullible voters that we would." Even Trump knows that isn't going to happen. He also knows that the reason jobs are disappearing here in America is because of automation. Initially, they left because of cheaper labor (and that's still a factor), but, as technology advances it becomes less of a factor, as labor is replaced by automated machinery and robots.

    The auto industry had a record year in 2016, and I'd bet they did so with fewer jobs. When I was a young man, an entire auto was put together by hand, running down an assembly line. Today's auto factory is completely different, as robotics takes over. Even the fast food industry is looking to cut unskilled jobs with automation and robotics.

    Trump promised the Virginia coal miners the same thing, while knowing full well he couldn't deliver. Coal jobs aren't coming back, because coal is becoming more expensive than wind and solar.

    The reality is that the job market is changing, and if you sit at your kitchen table, moaning about not being able to find a job, while swilling your Bud Lite, Trump isn't going to be able to help you, for the simple fact is that your job is gone, and not coming back. Take some of that personal responsibility that a certain political party is always saying that it believes in and educate yourself on what you'll be doing in the future, and learn something new (it's really not that scary). 

    The days of working for one company for life, collecting a pension and retiring near palm trees isn't going to get there, for you, unless you make it happen for yourself. It isn't up to Trump, or any politician in either party to make sure you get a paycheck. Change happens; deal with it or suffer.