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  • A month with Apple's AirPods: a long-term video review

    GREAT video/report!! I have not been able to grab a pair yet - Apple loves to introduce a product with only 3 in stock (its their M.O) - but when they make 8 more, hopefully I can get a pair. Looking forward to owning my own in 2027.
  • If you want a custom Mac Studio or MacBook Pro, expect to wait up to three months

    mpantone said:
    okypinoky said:
    .... my frustration is not the reality of the delays as much as it is with our public acceptance that also, in turn, drives companies to not mandate change.  Apple has a (good) problem - how to make overly popular devices more easily and readily available at launch (without everyone defending Apple to the bitter end despite failures).
    Look, if Apple could wave a magic wand and make supply chain bottlenecks evaporate into thin air they would. After all, for every device they do not ship, they are leaving money on the table. And guess what? Shareholders would love if Apple had no supply constraints.

    But they do because they design and build cutting edge technology devices on the latest semiconductor process nodes. Apple A-series and M-series SoCs aren't being made at 28nm fabs. If they did, maybe Apple could fulfill every single order without delay but no one would want them.

    There have been supply chain constraints for years, long before SARS-CoV-2 crashed the party.

    Unfortunately with JIT manufacturing, there's little breathing room for any shortfall. That's what trips up Apple every single year when they release their new line of iPhones. And COVID made it worse. Apple suffered less than many other companies because they prepay many of their key vendors and help finance expensive expansion projects.

    Cash is king and Apple has more of it than any other publicly traded company.

    The semiconductor industry is notorious for avoiding excess capacity. A new fab costs billions of dollars and several years of planning and construction. You don't just call Applied Materials to drop off some lithography machines at some rented warehouse down the street so you can pump out 4nm chips next week. New process nodes are a major capital expense.

    Foundries and electronics assembly companies want to know that their new manufacturing line will be fully booked for years running 24x7. You can't run these for 240 days a year for 8 hours per day and expect to turn a profit.
    If only there were a local factory that could take online orders, "build to print" and send it out the door in less than 24hours.
  • Hands on with Apple's yellow iPhone 14

    twokatmew said:
    A whole article when all that’s changed is the color. 🙄🤣
    They have to write about something.  Apple has been so boring the last 5 years, what else would Insider do with their time?
  • If you want a custom Mac Studio or MacBook Pro, expect to wait up to three months

    hmlongco said:
    okypinoky said:
    We are quickly getting into an era where these delays are commonplace, and perhaps even accepted.  I have waited nearly 7 months for my custom MacBook Pro and have begun to wonder ... at what point do we see such delays as unmanageable and simply wait for 'the next version'?  .
    Uhh... how does that help? When the next version appears you'll probably need to wait for it too.

    10 goto 10

    Glad you see my point.
  • Bernie Sanders bemoans Apple's overseas supply chain, tax avoidance strategy

    Why is it that Bernie Sanders is a "candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination" and Donald Trump is a "Republican demagogue"? I know Appleinsider is a left leaning operation out of California, but is it too much to ask that you keep name calling out of your articles? Yellow journalism is so 1960's.
    designrtallest skilapple ][
  • Apple releases report on geofence warrants and data requests

    IMO, this is an interesting article - but I believe the data is so skewed that it is unreliable to be used for any significant purpose ... except to note that some agency(s) request data from Apple.  I would like to know how many of those requests are from what specific agency.

    The article suggests that the "United States: 5660 requests, encompassing 235,362 devices".  How do 5660 request, encompass more devices that the actual request.  I would assume that any request garners access to ALL apple devices on that account - which would be sneaky and troubling if you have a Family account and shred access across multiple family members.  Just an odd observation.  

    Regardless, I wonder how many of those access "request"  are from actual customers trying to find a lost device vs. police actually taking secret warrant action against a consumer.  Just curious - I have a "Murder She Wrote" fix, that's all! 🤣
  • Facebook fined $5B by FTC over Cambridge Analytica scandal charges

    okypinoky said:
    Yes - lets give the government 5 billion (as in "billion") dollars.  Because, the Government has always done a wiz-bang job of spending our money.

    Curious minds want to know exactly how they plan on spending that money.  Sure as Hell not giving it to any of us.

    Why not just shut FB down for 90 days?  Guarantee they would lose more than $5B.

    Fines are a joke.  Start shutting down these companies and that will get real attention.

    I share your outrage.

    A little thing, however.... 

    (Perhaps, a triviality.) 

    ...the First Amendment?


    What does "Congress shall pass no law" .... have anything to do with the FCC shutting them down on a penalty/temporary basis.

    Anyway, good chat.