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  • Apple making sparse use of Swift in its own apps, engineer claims

    I read many criticism on Tim Cook. In my humble opinion he is a great leader who dares to think ahead. Under his leadership Apple not only makes big profits but is caring about the environment and people as well. Name any other tech company that has the guts to do the same. 
    Same rights for everyone independent on who you are. Sounds very progressive to me and by setting this new standard, I hope many companies will follow. Wall Street has never understand Apple so why bother. They show time after time again investors were wrong. And if Apple doesn't beat record after record, I'm still proud on their forward thinking and hope someday the critics might too. I'm no native English speaker so I do apologize for the typos.
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  • OLED iPhone with curved screen could appear in 2018, research forecasts

    foggyhill said:
    SnRa said:
    Displaymate's review of the Galaxy Note 3 in 2013:

    "OLED display technology is now challenging and even exceeding the performance of the best LCDs across the board in brightness, contrast, color accuracy, color management, picture quality, screen uniformity, and viewing angles. OLEDs are also considerably thinner than LCDs but still cost considerably more to manufacture."

    Challenging is not fucking statistically significantly beating it and those screen still had horrible burn in; so what;s your point buddy.,
    OLED has truly not been competitive in most metrics until 2015 and 2016 : that's it.

    You do notice that's this is god damn 2013 and that turd master Samsung introduced the tech when in that a flaming piece of crap. Apple doesn't do that.

    Why do you take it so personally and can't be just objective at what's best. I truly wish it was the iPhone with its lcd screen. But when you're objective and really compare you'll have to admit that Amoled has the advantage here. When Apple comes out in 2018 with an super Amoled display (made by Samsung or LG) you probably praise the iPhone again. Apple is falling behind and the numbers won't lie. I hate seeing this happening but they're too slow with new introductions. At least be respectful and tolerate other opinions. 
  • Review: Apple's 4" iPhone SE is better than we deserve

    Brendon12 said:

    n June 2012 I purchased the Retina MacBook Pro (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43QzpyCMbGE)  as soon as it was announced. I maxed it out: 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Intel 3rd generation i7 2.7GHz. It was the most incredible computer.

    This machine is now 4 years old and  out of warranty. I’d love to buy a new one -in fact, I would have loved to buy one a year ago which is my typical cadence (2.5 years). But Apple have effectively released the same machine continuously in all the time since June 2012 (admittedly with faster SSD bus speeds). Intel had released 5th gen processors (i7-5950HQ) when Apple refreshed its MacBooks last year that would have allowed 32 GB, and also SSD over 1TB was possible. Instead, we got a new touchpad – whoopty do.

    If Apple doesn’t come up with a Mac-related announcement today, they’d be making a serious mistake. Especially with regard to Pro users. The iPad Pro was a pretty cherry to the iPad cake last year, as a content creator next to the more consumption-oriented iPads, but it cannot make a dent for the desktop/laptop crowd.

    Those who have remained with Apple nowadays are doing so out of habit. The crowd that they won over from the PC camp years ago have started to go back due to Apple’s stagnation. That’s the worst risk with depending on a single hardware/software vendor model. Unhappy with Mac hardware choices? Tough. If you’ve bought into the ecosystem, you must buy whatever Apple offers because there is no alternative …other than to complain on a forum. Apple’s and other technology giants decay - essay on effects of technology .

    I'll be pissed if the next MacBook Pro's RAM isn't allowed to be maxed out to 32GB.
    It will be repackaged with the same inside from last year. The only difference will be the soldered ram, and going back to one port. That's the Apple of today. Seems they've more bankers working for them then industrial designers and software developers. 
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  • Previewing Apple's WWDC 2016: Big news for iOS 10, iPhone 7, new iPad Pro

    melgross said:
    macxpress said:

    Apple give attention to the Mac? Hahahahaha!!!!

    Its their forgotten platform! :(
    Is that why they came out with an entirely new MacBook last year?
    Well they came out very late in comparison to the competition. Not talking about no Mac Pro since 2013 or soldered ram in the iMac with 5400 rpm!!!! hard drive. Premium prize usually means better in any way. Not ripping your loyal customers off. They've lost the video market, what's next?
  • I/O 2016: Google launches Android N beta with speed boosts, VR hooks & iOS-drawn improvements

    apple ][ said:
    How many Android users will be using this newest OS when it gets released?



    I haven't seen any recent charts, but the majority of Android users are still probably on an ancient version of Android that was released a long, long time ago.
    You'll be surprised and the numbers are growing every day. I hope iOS 10 will be a giant leap forward. With big improvements in maps, Siri, messaging, FaceTime, photos and more compelling stuff to get the iPhone, iPad really stand above average again. Apple should have used its money long time ago to invest into the future. It's getting behind the curve on many fronts now. It makes me angry and sad.
  • iPhone's global marketshare falls to 15.3% in March quarter amid tough Chinese competition

    I'm a longtime apple user and fan but it's justified. You can't sell at premium prices when the competition is ahead of you. See the Galaxy s7, I hate how they copy apple and I don't like Samsung logo, but it's ahead of iPhone, period. Sometimes I wonder what apple is doing because competition is on par or ahead of them (Apple TV (no Dutch Siri or voice active here), Mac Pro (they will lose video market too if they don't have a compelling update soon, but I know video editors who've already given up on Apple)). I'm willing to pay a little bit more for an apple and was waiting for Apple to introduce an iMac with the latest i7 and screen update. I got disappointed and angry when they did. Soldered ram, a hard drive from the nineties and above premium price. Forgive my bad English but when you don't stay ahead of the competition it's not justified to ask premium prices. That's how the market works and you'll see in product market share. And no, I'm not a troll. Just a disappointment Apple user. I hope Apple will do better. It's like a dejavu for me. I was disappointed in the late nineties too when Steve said PowerPC was the future and my friends with Intel pcs were much faster with their wintel in Photoshop than my 3x expensive G4 power Mac.
    Come on Apple, your products are not that diverse as Samsung or other brands. Concentrate and make the best again. Listen to your loyal user base and bring more ports to your MacBooks. Aesthetics are important but so does workability. How ugly is a MacBook with adaptors.
    I hope WWDC will bring some innovation again and the iPhone 7 mind blowing. Cheers.