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  • Phil Schiller says no App Store policy changes coming after 'Hey' drama

    Based on what I see in this article, I have to side with Apple. If the app does nothing unless you pay, then it falls under the category of “an app with no function”. If it’s an email app, then it should be able to be used as such. Like the Outlook app. It’s able to use any email service, not just the 365 provider. So in the case of Hey, yeah, they need to make adjustments. 
  • Steve Jobs email confirms Apple considered tablet Mac, 15-inch MacBook Air in 2007

    williamh said:
    While these glimpses into Apple are interesting, the whole line of questioning in the trial about what Apple could have done is highly annoying. Could Apple have allowed side loading, etc. 

    Let’s dig into what “epic” might have done. “Epic”could have followed the terms of it’s agreement with Apple.  That was a choice.  “Epic” could have developed a phone, it’s own commission free and open App Store, why not?  Amazon made a phone and makes tablets. Facebook made a phone. Why not epic?
    I don't recall Facebook ever making a phone.
    They did, but it flopped almost immediately, if not even before it launched. 
  • Developer of BlueMail sues Apple over 'Sign in with Apple,' App Store 'monopoly'

    Based on what’s stated on this article, it does sound like the developer has a case on two points. The only thing I don’t think they have a case on is the App Store issue. So after the NYT article his rating jumped from 143 to 13? Could it not be that the article itself caused a spike in interest, which caused an increase of downloads, which made it jump from 143 to 13? Isn’t that more likely than Apple adjusting the algorithm so they’ll move up in the results?
  • Lawsuit targets Apple's iOS App Store 'monopoly'

    We should start a class action lawsuit against Walmart for holding a monopoly on the Walmart stores and not letting just waltz in and sell my products. Or maybe against McDonald’s for only selling their food and not allowing others to sell. Yeah, THAT makes sense *rolling eyes*
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  • How to fix Apple's App Store bug about 'accepting' apps before an update

    This happened to me after my Mac was repaired two weeks ago. When I tried to open the apps, I would get the notification repeatedly but no Accept button. I deleted the apps and reinstalled, and the notification went away.
  • Sports Illustrated swimsuit model says she was tracked for hours with AirTag

    After doing a little bit of research, we can find that this has been going on for quite some time using other products. The difference is that now you can find out when they’re tracking you with an AirTag, whereas before (with any other product) you simply would never know. Apple has gone to great lengths to make sure this product is not abused, or at least to reduce said abuse. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a lot better than not knowing, in my opinion. People are reacting as if Apple is evil for allowing this to happen without realizing they’re only finding out thanks to what Apple has done *shrug*
  • Apple Pay under scrutiny by EU for possible anti-competitive payment practices

    g3. said:
    These stupid thumb-twiddlers who can't innovate to save their asses, going after US tech again...

    Payments now. Pathetic. And ridiculous.
    Limiting usage of NFC for 3rd parties is clearly anti-competition behavior. It’s like to say you will use only Safari at your iPhone because of security. It will not go like that forever. It can’t. Apple is just milking NFC payments and keep all generated on iPhone for themselves. 
    More to say, apple pay didn’t improve “payment culture” in Europe much. When US was using swipe and sign, EU was doing chip and pin payments (more secure) and contactless payments were pretty common long before apple pay. In general, acquiring and payment services as such are more developed in EU - that’s for the innovations.
    Main point is that Apple is really limiting developers to make use of NFC and deliver additional services on top of apple pay...
    Me: let me add a bolt and a few locks to my store’s doors and windows FOR MY SECURITY and to keep my business safe, and thieves out
    EU: that is anti-competitive because it doesn’t allow other store owners to use your store to sell their stuff
    Me: *slap forehead*
  • Apple's developer concessions don't amount to much

    This article sounds like “no effort is enough unless Apple suffers and is brought down to its knees!” However, we must also keep in mind that thousands (if not millions?) of developers make money on the App Store, which runs on iOS. If Apple were to make the concessions Epic and others demand, that means that sooner or later, Apple or iOS will die. Which means that none of those developers will make money anymore. Putting it into the context of a computer, if the system were to hand out all memory whenever the app requests, then the system will eventually run out of memory and crash. Or if we remove more fish from the ocean than are replenished, the ecosystem dies. Or if you decide to help out your neighbor one time by cleaning their driveway, but then they demand that you ALWAYS clean it, but also their backyard, windows, gutters and so on, you’ll eventually have a fallout with them. And so on, there are many scenarios we could use. I agree that Apple could do more, but killing itself to appease everyone does not help anyone, especially consumers.
  • Apple Health data used to convict man in wife's death

    elijahg said:
    i really don't think that "18 steps" being shown on a health tracker is proof of murder... My watch used to show steps when I was asleep pre-watchOS 7.
    Maybe you sleepwalk? Maybe it’s counting trips to the restroom? 
    Not necessarily. Plenty of times I place my watch to charge at the end of the day and put it back on for sleeping. As I lay in bed, I might check the watch and it shows that I had stood up and that I had a handful of steps, even though I had been in bed the whole time, just tossing and turning. I’m not saying he didn’t do it; I’m only saying that the Watch sometimes shows activity when there’s none.
  • Apple reportedly planning $1B database center and R&D facility in Vietnam

    It's starting to sound to me like they're beginning to pave the way for a U.S. exit after the FBI harassment and the deal with the taxes and offshore money.