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  • Hacker who targeted celebrity Apple and Google accounts sentenced six months in prison

    The guy's lucky the judge cut him some slack- six months instead of five years. He should have at least done a year and three years probation.
  • Apple invention uses Apple Watch to auto adjust iPhone alert volume

    dacloo said:
    Hmmm, now we have developed this watch, how could we make it useful for our customers? Hmmmm....
    Or how can we make it even more useful to our customer and less annoying to others around them. Limiting the conditions in which you hear Siri's activation beeps from the phone and her (or his) voice is an example of that.

    I prefer to let the Watch alert me. I keep it silent and because of the Taptic engine, have never missed a call. That wasn't the case when I just put the phone on vibrate.
  • More expensive iPad Pro helps boost Apple Q3 revenues despite lower unit sales

    Apple generally doesn't do loss leader pricing, for good reason. They don't aim for the bottom tier, and barely for the middle tier. 

    If they sold the Pro 9.7 for $500, they may as well drop the Air 2 completely, instead of just dropping the price by $100.
    mike1ration al
  • CVS continues Apple Pay snub, launches barcode-based 'CVS Pay'

    I've used Apple Pay several times at a couple of fast food places, and for the first time, at Walgreen's today. Even after all this time, it seems the clerk there had never seen anyone use any kind of contact payment.

    It took her a moment to realize not only was a card not used, but neither was a phone. She knew about 'phone payment' but not about using a watch. 

    With a 5s, I can only pay with my Watch, but it's pretty fast, faster than using a card, and maybe even a phone. But even if it wasn't, the security in affords is the reason for using it, and a big portion of why I bought the Watch.

    It's been awhile since I've been in my local CVS, but I don't think it has NFC readers. It still has the same gear that was there when it was Long's, and it didn't do NFC either. My trip to Walgreen's (a little farther than CVS, and lousy parking) means I won't be in CVS anytime soon, but I'd like to see if they did get NFC readers. Then I'd try to use Apple Pay to see if it was enabled as another poster suggested.

    My other mission is to go on a Real Killer Payment System tour, checking out all the spots says accepts Apple Pay.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says future products will be 'in every part of your life that we can'

    "Our strategy is to help you in every part of your life that we can," Cook added, "whether you're sitting in the living room, on your desktop, on your phone, or in your car."

    How about sitting at your desk, pining for a new desktop other than an iMac or a severely limited Mac Pro as outlined by maury m. 

    I applaud Apple making devices that 'just work' for the masses. But what about professionals who are getting more and more disenfranchised by commodity products. What can be done with iPads is amazing. But sometimes you need a truck instead of a car.

    When Apple announced the iCan Mac Pro, I was both impressed and disappointed at the same time. It had fewer 'answers' and more questions. Many people tried to make it work. And they should be punished for it, since it's specs and paucity of features were well known.

    Apple seems to have chosen to leave the professional user far behind. It looks like they've abandoned the truck and turned they back on the truck driver. iMacs have never been more powerful, but are still limited, and all the user can do these days is add RAM, and that's only to the 27" monitor. The mini may be used by some professionals but it's also limiting for the professional user.

    The iCan, as good as it may be for some, is still no replacement for a Mac Pro. It falls far short of the upgradeability of previous MP and is bested in some performance areas by some iMacs. I'd like to see a mid-sized tower that has room and connections for- a couple of  3.5" HDs, one flash drive for the system OS, a couple of video cards, a spare
     PCI slot, four slots for memory, and room for an optical drive. Put it all inside one case, and make it smaller than the behemoth that was the Mac Pro.

  • Rumor: Second-gen Apple Watch to feature new, thinner 'One Glass Solution' touchscreen

    TurboPGT said:
    I've yet to hear a compelling argument for why a product like iPhone or Apple Watch need to last longer than 1 day on their battery. You sleep at night. You don't use these products when you're sleeping. Be responsible, and put them on the charger. Ready to go when you wake up.

    It's not that more better battery isn't always better, its just not necessary. It doesn't warrant expending development and engineering resources that could be better spent elsewhere.
    Nobody needs... It's not necessary... Be responsible...  What an incredible load of crap. Your incredibly myopic self-centered opinion says much about your powers of observation of the world around you, that doesn't fit into your tiny little definition of life.
  • What Apple would have to do to comply with Donald Trump's American-built mandate

    I don't know if Trump actually believes he'll get elected. But he most certainly knows he'll not be able to make Apple "make all their damned computers and things" be manufactured it the US. He.knows.that.

    This is typical campaign stumping saying things people want to hear, promises that are not meant to be kept, to the very demographic that he'd forget the second it got into office. Until he deduced to make a bid for a second term. Wash, rinse, repeat.  Fortunately, none of that will happen.