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  • Apple's Secure Enclave targeted in patent infringement lawsuit

    My question is, why did it take them almost 8 years to sue? Shouldn't they of sued back in 2013 or 14? There should be a requirement that lawsuits of this type have to be brought with a certain amount of time- say, 5 years or something. 
  • Amazon's Eero 6 router lineup gets HomeKit support

    I used to have an AirPort Extreme N simultaneous duel band and an Express N simultaneous duel band as an extender. When we ended up getting a new home theater system at the house, the wi-fi wasn't strong enough, so it was time to finally upgrade. I ended up going with a Linksys Wi-Fi 6 Velop mesh system for a few reasons, one being that it has 4 Ethernet ports on the back that are useable even on the satellite devices. That way we were able to hook up the Playstation and AppleTV to the router for better coverage. I'd just like to see a few software updates from them. Mainly, it has a USB 3 port for an external hard drive. Well, it only supports FAT and NTFS, which limits the usability to work with an Apple setup with large video files, which kinda negates the reason I bought a 12TB external HDD. (FAT doesn't work with hard drives that large, and also doesn't work with files over 4GB, so huge video files are a no-go. There are NTFS plugins available for the Mac, but it won't work with the AppleTV.) So, I need either exFAT or APFS support for the larger HDD and large video files. It also doesn't support HomeKit yet, while other, older Linksys routers do, which makes no sense to me. So, arg.... If Apple introduced a new AirPort, with Wi-Fi 6 and good mesh support, I would really take a good hard look at that. But, #FirstWorldProblems
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  • Rosetta 2 lacks support for x86 virtualization, Boot Camp not an Apple Silicon option [u]

    Intel implemented hardware assisted x86 virtualization in 2005 (VT-X). I wonder if Apple is able and willing to do something similar...

    AMD and Intel also license x86-64 ISA. It's used in other chips as well, like Via. Another thing I wonder if Apple would be able or willing to do is license the technology, or some subset of it, to make it easier to port over things like kexts and VM tech, as well as the ability to run something like Boot Camp. If Apple's not willing or able to do that, I wonder if they're willing to work with Microsoft to port over Windows 10 for ARM which already exists for Surface Pro's with Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC's.

    (Interesting. Apparently, MS just released an update that allows Windows 10 ARM to run virtual versions of Windows 10 ARM. So it is possible to run a virtual WIN10 ARM. Right now, it's only available on newer  Surface Pro X's with Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC's, but I'm sure that if Apple and MS REALLY wanted to, they could make it possible to run it on Apple chips...) 


  • What Google announced at I/O for Android - and how it compares to iOS

    Apple most definitely needs a LOT of work in the AI department for things like improving Siri. I really hope this lights a fire under their butts. If they have to loosen up some of their draconian privacy policies, I’m ok with that. I’d rather have a system that works. 

    And there is absolutely no reason for them to NOT support RCS. The only reason they don’t is because “f—- Google!!”
  • Apple holds out in adopting next-generation RCS texting standard

    If Apple switched to RCS, how would a government be able to to silently spy on you by sending it an iMessage?
    Did your cat walk across the keyboard to type that? Or did you have a stroke or something?
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  • Users report charging bug with Apple Watch after updating to watchOS 8.3

    tommikele said:
    fred1 said:
    I tried to charge my Watch 4 with an Aukey charger and the Apple cable and got a message saying that the charging device is not supported. 
    Fred, perhaps you should consider a more recent generation of the Apple Watch.
    Tom, my Watch 4 is working beautifully, too. Why would I want to upgrade?
  • EU antitrust bill could force Apple to make sweeping changes to Siri, App Store & More

    It would be ironic to me if Apple complains about this, because they are perfectly happy bending over backwards to appease China and Russia. If Apple doesn’t want to follow the rules in the EU, but they’re ok doing even worse in China and Russia, that would speak volumes to me. 
  • Apple hosts developers for pre-WWDC Open House at Apple Park

    I happened to be eating dinner and watching the Warriors game at San Pedro Square Market, and I could tell who must've been coming from there. Around 7 or 8 last night, a large number of people showed up out back wearing shirts with different Apple type logos on it- prior WWDC years, some said Apple Park, etc. Figured it was DubDub related. Especially since this was walking distance to the San Jose convention center. 
  • Apple talking to White House on Wednesday about coronavirus

    Question- What do you mean WWDC has been "canceled"? It hasn't even been scheduled yet.