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  • What Google announced at I/O for Android - and how it compares to iOS

    Apple most definitely needs a LOT of work in the AI department for things like improving Siri. I really hope this lights a fire under their butts. If they have to loosen up some of their draconian privacy policies, I’m ok with that. I’d rather have a system that works. 

    And there is absolutely no reason for them to NOT support RCS. The only reason they don’t is because “f—- Google!!”
  • Arizona is first state to launch drivers' license in Apple Wallet

    I don’t see the option. I wonder if it because I’m in California… And I’m also surprised CA isn’t on the list, since we’re the state where Apple is based. 
  • iMessage reaction support rolling out in Google Messages

    Why does Apple not support RCS yet? Makes no sense…
  • Amazon's Eero 6 router lineup gets HomeKit support

    I used to have an AirPort Extreme N simultaneous duel band and an Express N simultaneous duel band as an extender. When we ended up getting a new home theater system at the house, the wi-fi wasn't strong enough, so it was time to finally upgrade. I ended up going with a Linksys Wi-Fi 6 Velop mesh system for a few reasons, one being that it has 4 Ethernet ports on the back that are useable even on the satellite devices. That way we were able to hook up the Playstation and AppleTV to the router for better coverage. I'd just like to see a few software updates from them. Mainly, it has a USB 3 port for an external hard drive. Well, it only supports FAT and NTFS, which limits the usability to work with an Apple setup with large video files, which kinda negates the reason I bought a 12TB external HDD. (FAT doesn't work with hard drives that large, and also doesn't work with files over 4GB, so huge video files are a no-go. There are NTFS plugins available for the Mac, but it won't work with the AppleTV.) So, I need either exFAT or APFS support for the larger HDD and large video files. It also doesn't support HomeKit yet, while other, older Linksys routers do, which makes no sense to me. So, arg.... If Apple introduced a new AirPort, with Wi-Fi 6 and good mesh support, I would really take a good hard look at that. But, #FirstWorldProblems
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  • Amazon's Eero 6 router lineup gets HomeKit support

    Amazon ≈ Facebook
    How so? And even if so, so what?