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  • Rumor: Apple developing proprietary mobile GPU, could replace Imagination's PowerVR

    ksec said:
    Fudzilla has been around for a long time...... If you had follow the tech scene.

    Anyway. There is absolutely zero chance Apple make a GPU themselves. Why? there is no standard way for designing a GPU, even Intel had to pay patents licensing fees to AMD and Nvidia for their Iris Graphics. 

    So basically starting from scratch isn't an option. The Gfx engineers are there to optimise the GPU within SoC and further improve on it.
    Right now, Apple designs their own custom SoC by licensing the core ARM architecture. Why can't they design their own GPU by licensing Imagination Tech's core GPU architecture?
  • Here's Johny Srouji: Apple's newest executive pioneered company's custom A-series chips

    larrya said:
    I would never have gotten a Mac without the safety blanket of Windows compatibility.  While it's true that I have largely outgrown that need, I still need to be able to do updates to MS Project files and, very rarely, MS Access files; and for these tasks, I run Parallels. 

    No number of movie editing apps or drawing apps., and no level of iPad or iPhone continuity capabilities, no matter how awesome, will change this for me. If I have to do even one update to a stupid Access database, no matter how trivial, and I cannot, I have the wrong tool. 

    No Intel compatibility (with acceptable performance), no more Macs.  I doubt I am alone. 
    Has it ever occurred to you that if / when Apple introduces ARM-based Macs, that the Intel-based Macs will stick around for those that need it? Why do people assume that Apple will all of sudden stop selling Intel-Macs?
  • Apple's 'iPad Air 3' won't get 3D Touch for March 2016 debut, 'iPhone 7' on track for September, in

    satchmo said:

    satchmo said:
    ireland said:
    sog35 said:
    what about Pencil support?
    I'd say Pencil support is likely as they'll want to offer upgrade features to woo newer iPad holdouts.
    I would love this feature on the smaller iPad, but wondering if this might kill higher margin (?) iPad Pro sales. 

    An iPad Air 3 would likely get a speed bump as well. So does size alone give an iPad a 'pro' moniker? 

    Except for size the iPad "Pro" is actually pretty identical to the other iPads except for: 

    - better speakers
    - pencil support

    People will argue all kinds of other BS and Apple's description page mentions a lot of stuff that makes it sound all whiz-bang fancy, but the bottom line is simply better sound and pencil support.  Period.  

    So if Apple "does the right thing" and brings pencil support to the other iPads, it kind of gets dicey to keep calling the iPad Pro a "pro" device.  This is the main thing driving arguments that Apple will actually do the "wrong thing" (the capitalist thing), and not bring pencil support to the other iPads.  

    Personally, I think they simply have to bring pencil support to the other iPads and possibly even the iPhones as well.  To actively fuck-over the majority of their customers and force them to pay thousands of dollars for an oversized tablet just to have pencil support just won't work for very long.  They could keep it going for a year or two before people get upset being as they always get the benefit of the doubt, but what justification could they possibly have for keeping the pencil exclusive for longer than that?  
    Yeah, Apple has mastered the fine art of incremental updates and spin. Given the slower sales over the past few quarters gives me hope, that Apple will bring pencil support to smaller iPads.
    Also with alternatives such as the Surface Pro3/4, Apple may add pen support in order to encourage developers to write for the iOS platform.
    By smaller iPads, I'm assuming you mean the 9.7" iPad.  Given that small-screen tablets are being cannibalized by big-screen smartphones, the iPad mini is dead man walking.