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  • Here's Johny Srouji: Apple's newest executive pioneered company's custom A-series chips

    larrya said:
    I would never have gotten a Mac without the safety blanket of Windows compatibility.  While it's true that I have largely outgrown that need, I still need to be able to do updates to MS Project files and, very rarely, MS Access files; and for these tasks, I run Parallels. 

    No number of movie editing apps or drawing apps., and no level of iPad or iPhone continuity capabilities, no matter how awesome, will change this for me. If I have to do even one update to a stupid Access database, no matter how trivial, and I cannot, I have the wrong tool. 

    No Intel compatibility (with acceptable performance), no more Macs.  I doubt I am alone. 
    Has it ever occurred to you that if / when Apple introduces ARM-based Macs, that the Intel-based Macs will stick around for those that need it? Why do people assume that Apple will all of sudden stop selling Intel-Macs?
  • Apple names Jeff Williams new chief operating officer, places Phil Schiller in charge of App Store this a bit of a demotion for Eddy Cue or just a recognition he had too much on his plate?
    Eddy Cue absolutely wasn't demoted. Eddy Cue is Apple's clean up man and general fixer. He covers everything when problems occur. He picks up the slack when Apple loses someone. He does the big time negotiations - such as with movie companies, music companies, etc. Eddy is a core and supremely valued executive at Apple. He is clearly the 4th most valuable executive: TIm, Jonathan, Jeff and Eddy. Eddy, however, also clearly has too much on his plate. Handing off the App Store to Phil is an easy side-move for this service.
    I think it's good App Store is going under one person and since Schiller already had developer relations this makes sense. Maybe this isn't a demotion for Cue but it certainly is a recognition that things were slipping and perhaps he had too much on his plate. I still think the top dogs at Apple (aside from Cook) are Williams, Ive and Schiller and maybe Cue in 4th place.
    Honestly, Cue does not seem to make a lot of good moves and they need to transition him to a lesser role. Music has been a mess. Negotiations with music and movies have been slow and messy. Cue should inch toward retirement.
    Everyone says Cue is the "fixer" at Apple but what does he actually fix? I don't see a ton of improvements with the stuff under his domain. 
    He has made a few missteps this year, definitely.
  • Apple's 'iPad Air 3' won't get 3D Touch for March 2016 debut, 'iPhone 7' on track for September, in

    mike1 said:
    It will also help and encourage app developers if their work utilizing 3D touch could be put to use on more devices.
    I can't speak for everybody else, but on my 6S Plus, I hardly use 3D Touch. Actually, most of the time I forget it's even there.  I think adding support for the Apple Pencil / Smart Connectors is more game changing.
  • The search for Apple's next big thing

    If Samsung is going to be out of the smartphone business in 5 years what hope does anyone else have? 
    And that could be bad news for Android, simply because Samsung is the only Android device maker making a profit. The rest are, at best breaking even, and at worst showing losses. What happens to Android when they these device makers exit because it isn't sustainable?
    macky the macky
  • The search for Apple's next big thing

    If Samsung is going to be out of the smartphone business in 5 years what hope does anyone else have?